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Devoir 1 anglais BTS Tourisme (18/20)

Dissertation : Devoir 1 anglais BTS Tourisme (18/20). Recherche parmi 298 000+ dissertations

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Part One – Jobs.

Exercise 1:

The first situation where Hélène needs to speak in English, is when the visitors

are British or American. Then, outside of July and August, many tourist sites

only set visits in English and in French. Since English is the International

language, they must give guided tours in English for many different

nationalities. Finally, even in July and August, they’re getting more and more

Russian, Japanese and Chinese tourists. Which means, unless they bring their

own tourist guides, Hélène must make the visit in English.

Exercise 2:

-If she knows the site, she doesn’t have to make a lot of researches about the

place, but she needs to learn about her groups. That way, she’ll be able to

adapt her presentation to their level of interest. She won’t proceed the same

sort of presentation to a group of students of architecture as she would to a

group of school students.

-When she has to introduce monuments she’s not familiar with, she prepares

her presentation the same way she would do it in French. Which means, in

different steps:

The first step is to collect as much as information as possible, preferably in

English. Then those pieces of information must be put into the right order, so

the unimportant things can be removed. After that, a series of notes must be


-Sometimes when it’s the first time she is presenting a place in English, she

practices it with her friends. If she sees words that are new to her, she would

try to see how they should be pronounced, although it can be hard with some

technical terms. She knows a couple of teachers who are from England and

when she can, she asks them.

Exercise 3:

Hélène gives few tips for anyone who would make their first presentation in

English, and those pieces of advice are: First, she says the person needs to

thoroughly prepare their presentation the way that just describes. Then, they

should make a series of notes, but they shouldn’t write down the whole

presentation or they would be tempted to read. “Someone reading a piece of

paper just looks and sounds unprofessional.” She also adds that the English

they will use, should be simple and clear. Their notes should be concise, they

must contain only the information they want to convey the group. Hélène

reminds that they


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