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Devoir 1 bts tourisme anglais

Dissertation : Devoir 1 bts tourisme anglais. Recherche parmi 298 000+ dissertations

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Devoir 1

Part 1 – Jobs


In Hélène's job there are three situations in which she needs to speak English:

  • she has to speak in English if the group of tourists is either British, American or any other nationality for whom English is the native language;
  • when it's not the peak of the holiday season, most sites only offer guided tours in French or in English; therefore when Hélène is working with a group of Japanese tourists per example she also has to speak in English;
  • sometimes even in July and August some places of interest still don't offer any guided tours in languages that are not French or English so unless the group brings its own guide Hélène has to speak in English there too.


Hélène has different ways of preparing her presentation: if she already knows the site, she won't have much to do as for the researches, she will mostly have to work on finding out as much as she can about the group to adapt the visit to their level of interest.

When she is not familiar with the site, she will try to collect as many informations as possible, then she will only keep the main informations and prepare some notes. When she is doing a visit in English somewhere for the first time she will practice her speech with friends.

Sometimes she also has to include new technical words to her presentation so, to make sure that she got their pronunciation right she asks some friends of her who are teachers from England.


Hélène's tips if you are delivering your first presentation in English would be to prepare just like she does, to make concise notes that you should not read in front of your group if you don't want to seem unprofessional, you should preferably use a simple and clear English especially with tourists that are not native English speakers and do not use a technical vocabulary  unless you are working with a group of specialists otherwise you should rather learn and use the key words for a general presentation.

Part 2 – Welcoming

Greet the group : good morning everyone

Introduce yourself : my name is Hélène and I'm your guide

Say what you are going to show your group : this morning we're going to visit the grounds and the interiors of the château

Ask people do to something (directing people) : if you'd like to follow me

Attract people's attention to something : over there

Indicate exactly where something is : if you look down by the river just next to the wall of the château

Part 3 – A message

First e-mail

Bonjour Jean-Pascal,

Claire Hughes m'a appelé pour que je me charge de faire visiter le château d'Azay le Rideau vendredi matin étant donné que le guide qui devait le faire est malade, mais je ne suis malheureusement pas disponible. Pourrais-tu me remplacer ?

Il s'agit de faire une visite guidée à un groupe de 28 étudiants anglais qui ont en moyenne 17 ans et qui, pour la plupart, étudient l'histoire.

Il faudrait donc leur présenter le château depuis sa construction jusqu'au XIX ème siècle et aussi leur parler de ses attraits principaux comme par exemple le grand escalier et les détails inspirés de la Renaissance italienne.


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