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Devoir Anglais Bts Tourisme

Rapports de Stage : Devoir Anglais Bts Tourisme. Recherche parmi 298 000+ dissertations

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Part 1 – Jobs

1. Hélène needs to speak when:

- She is with groups of American or British visitors

- She gives guided tours to many different nationalities on tourist sites that propose visits in French and English

- She prepare her presentation

2. When Hélène prepare her presentation:

- If she knows the site, she don’t have many research to do but she got to find out as much as she can about the group to adapt her presentation to their level of interest.

- If she’s not familiar with the site, she prepare her presentation in many ways as she wrote in French:

• she collects as much information as she can if possible in English

• She puts it all in the right order and eliminate what is not important

• She prepare a series of notes

- If it is somewhere she presents for the first time, she practice it with her friends

- If she needs to use new, technical words, she try to find out how they should be pronounced

3. Hélène advices to anyone who has to make their first presentation in English to

• Thoroughly prepare the presentation in the ways have just described

• Make a series of notes and don’t tried out the all presentation

• Don’t reading from the piece of paper

• Quantizes the notes, keep the informations they want to give to the group

• It’s not necessary to learn huge list or architecture or their vocabulary unless they’re guiding a group of specialist

• Learn the key words and structures it will allow them to give a good general presentation

Part 2 – Welcoming

1. Greet the group: “Good morning everyone”

2. Introduce yourself: “My name is Hélène and I’m your guide”

3. Say what you are going to show your group: “This morning we’re going to visit the grounds and the interior of the château”

4. Ask people to do something (directing people): “If you’d like to follow me, we can started our visit”

5. Attract people’s attention to something: “Other there you can see nineteen century landscape garden”

6. Indicate exactly where something is: “Down there by the river, just next to the wall of the château, you can see the remain of the fish tank

Part 3 – A message

• First e-mail: Hélène is not available but she has a colleague, Jean-Pascal, who is an expert on the château. In French, write Hélène’s e-mail to Jean Pascal, giving all of the details from Claire’s message and asking him to do the job.




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