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Devoir 1 Anglais BTS tourisme cned

Étude de cas : Devoir 1 Anglais BTS tourisme cned. Recherche parmi 298 000+ dissertations

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Devoir 1

Part 1

1 – The three situations in which Helene needs to speak english

- One of the three situations in which Helene needs to often speak English is with American and English tourists.

The second is in july and august when she must use English language for several other nationalities like japanese, russian and chinese tourists but sometimes they have their own guide with them.

- The third situation is during the presentations and during the tour.

2 -

How does Hélène prepare her presentations?

If she knows the site?

It's easier for her if Helene knows the site because she doesn't have to do research, she just has to adapt her english depending on the level of interest.

If she’s not familiar with the site?

If she’s not familiar with the site Hélène prepares her presentation in few ways as much as she wants in french in collecting informations. Then she chooses the best presentation.

When she presents somewhere for the first time in English?

When she presents somewhere for the first time in English she first tries out her presentation with her friends.

If she needs to use new, technical words?

If Helene needs to use new, technical words she tries to know how they should be pronounced but she can also ask to an english couple teachers .

3 –

- The first advice is to prepare a presentation adapting her english

- The second advice is to write notes, but if you want to do like a professional is better don't write out all.

The third advice would be to use a clear and concise english with simple words, you better use key words.

The forth advice is that you don't need to learn technical word unless it is necessary.

- the fith advice is to learn the key words and don't use words that are too complicated


1) Excuse me sir ? Are you the group from Goston College ? I'm your guide for this morning's visite. Is everyone here ? Good morning everyone !

2) « Good morning everyone my name is Hélène and i'm your guide »

3) « This morning we're going to visit the grounds and the interior of the château »

4) « If you'd like to follow me »

5) « If you look down there by the river »

6) « If you look down their by the river,Just next to the wall


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