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Devoir Anglais Bts Tourisme

Mémoire : Devoir Anglais Bts Tourisme. Recherche parmi 298 000+ dissertations

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1- Helen needs to speak English with British and American visitors

Outside of July and August many tourists sights only propose visits in English or French so Helen speaks English to many different nationalities.

Helen gets more and more Japanese Russian and Chinese tourists and unless they bring their own guide with them, Helen has to speak English because they don’t have tours in those languages

2- If she knows the site she doesn’t have to do research as such but she has to find out as much as she can about the group so she can adapt her presentation to their level of interest. Indeed she won’t give the same sort of presentation to a group of students of architecture and to a group of school students.

When she is not familiar with the site she prepares her presentation in many ways as she would in French. She collects as much information as she can ( if possible in English) then she puts it all in the right order so she can eliminate what is not really important finally she prepares a series of note

she tries to practices her presentation with her friends when she presents somewhere for the first time in English

When she needs to use new, technical words she tries to found out how the word should be pronounced, and she asks teachers from England to help her with the pronunciation.

3- The first piece of advice Helen would give to anyone who has to make a first presentation in English is to thoroughly prepare the presentation in the ways she described.

They must make a series of notes,

they don’t have to do a earl presentation because a person who reads a piece of paper sounds unprofessional .

The English in use should be fairly simple and clear and the notes should be consise.

They need to use just the information they want to give to the group plus some keys expressions. Finally, many tourists will be not native speakers of English. Unless you are with a group of specialists it’s not necessary to learn a huge list of architectural of other vocabulary to give a good general presentation. They have to use the key words.


1- Good morning everyone

2- My name is Helen and I’m your guide

3- This morning we’re going to visit (the grounds and the interior of the chateau)

4- If you’d like to follow me

5- Over there you can see the 19 century landscape garden

6- If you look down there by the river just next to the wall of the chateau


Cher Pascal

Claire Hughes m’a contacté pour un emploi mais n’étant pas libre ce jour là je voulais savoir si tu étais disponible pour travailler en tant que guide touristique au château d’Azay-le-rideau vendredi prochain. Le groupe est constitué de 28 lycéens anglais d’à peu prés 17 ans. Ils arriveront


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