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Devoir Anglais Bts Tourisme (CNED)

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Part 1-Jobs

1. explain the three situations in which Hélène needs to speak English:

- with groups of American/ British visitors

-Outside of July/ August many tourist sites only propose visits in French and English- has to use English for other nationalities

-More ans more Russian, Japanese and Chinese- no tours in these languages, even July / August- unless own guides - so it is necessary to use English.

2. How does Hélène prepare her presentations ?

- If she knows the site ?

finds out as much as possible about group - adapts presentation to their level of interest.

- If she's not familiar with the site ?

prepares presentation in many ways as in French - collects as much information as she can, if possible in English - puts it into right order / eliminates what is not important - prepares notes.

-When she presents somewhere for the firt time in English ?

practises presentation with friends.

-If she needs to use new, technical words ?

if any new words - she finds pronunciation - sometimes difficult with technical words - when possible asks teachers from England.

3.what advice would Hélène give to anyone who has to make their presentation in English? Identify five pieces of advice:

-Thoroughly prepare presentation

-Make notes but don't write out the whole presentation - looks and sounds unprofessional

-Use simple, clear and concise English - many people in groups not native speakers of English

-Unless guiding a group of specialists- not necessary to learn huge lists of architectural or other vocabulary - most of group not interested in technical details

-Far more important to leran key words / structures - to give a good general presentation.


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