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Spaces and exchanges : what are the effects of immigration in US?

Guide pratique : Spaces and exchanges : what are the effects of immigration in US?. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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Today, I’m going to deal with the notion of « Spaces and exchanges ». This notion deal w/ the geographical and symbolic areas that all societies occupy and the interactions between men and different societies. Our world is built on the exploration and conquest of new spaces. The different cultural, economic, sociological and language interactions have shaped our society. To illustrate this notion, I’ll talk about immigration in US and I’m going to try to answer the question

What are the effects of immigration in US?

Firstly, we note that migrants made america what it is today. Then, we’ll see US allows a upward mobility for migrants. Finally, immigration creates an unilateralism from US.

First and foremost, US is a multicultural country, a major part of americans are emigrants or descendants of emigrants. US is the incarnation of melting pot especially in cities like NYC, where you have China Town, Little Italy or ghettos like in Harlem or Bronx. All communities get along with each other in US, and all religions are represented. For instance, in class we saw Houston where the Mayor hosted and welcomed musulmans for breaking the Ramadan fast. In Houston, like in NYC we have diversity, there are asians, spanish, arabic… Immigration brought a plus for the US economy and society. The document « A silent majority » point the fact that , Germans created many things for US, like kindergarten, Christmas trees, and the most important hot dogs, all those things are elements of the US culture now.

Moreover, US is considerate like the land of opportunities for many peoples through to the « American dream ». US it’s a magnet for fresh start, freedom and to climb the social ladder, that’s why many people try their chance and some succeed like a man in a interview who started from the bottom and became a neurosurgeron. 20yrs ago he went to US with 63 dollars on his pocket. He studied at J. Hopkins and now is able to put food on his table.

Last but not least, seeing that US is the land of opportunities, borders are overwhelmed by illegal immigrants especially from Mexico. In view of the overpopulation in US, they closed their borders, so more and more immigrants are leaving no stone unturned to cross the border. Like in a video entitled « The walls of shame » where, in the border of US and Mexico, we have border patrol. Border patrols volunteers arrest a mexican who attempted to cross the border and he spoke about his feelings and the difficulty to do that, due to the conditions, the weather, the distance... He get send back to Mexico.

To sum it up, immigration allowed the built of the american culture, and it’s a way to rise in society. But that wish to go to America is stopped by the immigration laws and the border patrol. US is a perfect illustration of spaces and exchanges because over there, there are interactions between men and differents communities. Those immigrants want to conqueer and explorate new spaces. Personally, immigration can allow an improvement to the shelter country, that bring a new culture and vision. For those who say that migrants stole jobs, I want to say that they make low-paid jobs so jobs that no one wants to make.


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