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Spaces and exchanges - what are the goals or the United States in term of climate?

Cours : Spaces and exchanges - what are the goals or the United States in term of climate?. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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 Spaces and Exchanges

I’m going to talk about the notion of Spaces and Exchanges. First of all, I would like to give a quick definition of the notion. An exchange is an act of giving and receiving something else in return. There are different kinds of exchange: media, people, trade (commerce). It is the idea that in today’s world people are more and more interdependent. Growing population and climate changes concern everybody.                                                                                                                                                              So, we can ask ourselves: What are the goals for the united states in terms of climate? To answer my problem, my first argumentation talks about the Sustainable development goals and the principle of partnership. My second part speaks about the intervention of Hollywood stars to advertise (faire de la publicité) the G

oals. To finish, my third part speaks about president Barack Obama’s intervention to explain the Paris Agreement.

  1. The SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) and the principle of partnership

Sustainable development goals started in 2000 as Millennium development goals were developed as social, ecological and economic targets for the well-being of humanity. (Les objectifs de développement durable ont commencé en 2000 lorsque les objectifs du Millénaire pour le développement ont été élaborés en tant que cibles sociales, écologiques et économiques pour le bien-être de l'humanité.). This project is effective thanks to international partnerships between poor and rich countries. (Ce projet est efficace grâce aux partenariats internationaux entre pays pauvres et pays riches)

  1. the intervention of Hollywood stars to advertise the Goals.

Those goals are so important that even people who are no politicians get involved (être impliqué) to explain them. This was the case of Leonardo di Caprio during the summit (sommet) conference in Paris in 2015.

  1. President’s Barack Obama’s in 2015 to explain the climate change

In the video we saw in class, Barack Obama says he wants to engage in the climate issue to protect the world of today and tomorrow. (Dans la vidéo que nous avons vue en classe, Barack Obama dit qu'il veut s'engager dans la question du climat pour protéger le monde d'aujourd'hui et de demain.) For him the Paris agreement is a good way to preserve the environment and reduce global warming. Especially since the united states is with china the largest emitter of greenhouse gases

To conclude, we can say that the issue of the preservation of the environment is an important issue for all countries. With the president Obama the agreement of Paris was respected whereas with the new president it is possible that it is not the case


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