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Spaces and exchanges : what are the impacts of TV series or film series on tourism ?

Synthèse : Spaces and exchanges : what are the impacts of TV series or film series on tourism ?. Recherche parmi 298 000+ dissertations

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The notion I’m going to deal with is “Spaces and Exchanges” and to start with, I would like to give a definition of it: “Spaces and Exchanges” deal with the interactions between men and women and between different societies. Oure world is built on the exploration and conquest of new spaces. In our global area, different cultural, sociological and language interactions, have shaped our modern-day life. In relation to the notion, the subject of my presentation will be the screen tourism and its impact nowadays, we may wonder about what are the impacts of TV series or film series on tourism?

My presentation is divided into 3 parts : First, I will focus on what is the screen tourism through an example, then I’ll show you the positive aspects of it with the document: “The GOT tourists: How much is the hit HBO fantasy series worth to its home, Northern Ireland?” and lastly we will see the negative aspects with the second document: Managing Tourism at World Heritage Sites an article from the Unesco site.

What is screen tourism?

Screen tourism or Film tourism describes the effects that film and TV-productions can have on our travel decision as they inspire people to experience the screened places firsthand. Not only is film tourism an excellent vehicle for destination marketing, it also presents new product development opportunities, such as location tours, film museums, exhibitions and the theming of existing tourist attractions with a film connection.

A good example of screen tourism that we saw in class Is the ads for LOTR airline (the video and the photo) So Both, the photo and the video have the same goal which is to attract the fans to visit New Zealand. They both use the main characters from the movie and they use the same catchphrase which is “The airline of Middle-Earth”. Unlike the photo which is realistic, the video uses special effects and the crew and the people working in the airport look like characters from this fantasy world. The authors of both documents try to attract people to visit the country where was shot the movies by adding some references of it like the characters or the catchphrase it impacts the customers fans of the films in any way.

Now that we know what screen tourism is, we’ll see the positive aspects of it.

So, this 2nd document is an article taken from the site and deals with the impact that GOT has had on Northern Ireland. the economic benefit of GOT would be estimated at 65 million pounds but that's not all, as Moyra Lock said, “it has been an incredible shop window for our most spectacular scenery” it allowed many people to discover all these famous landscapes. And it had a lot of success, like the New York exhibition that has already taken place and got 5000 visitors per day. GOT has changed Northern Ireland's image following the civil war, which had a negative impact on the country in terms of employment, industry and tourism.


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