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  • "Bleisure" compréhension écrite

    "Bleisure" compréhension écrite

    Il y a 3 documents, 2 extraits d’articles, le doc 1 « BLEISURE TRAVEL : LEARN TO MIX WORK AND PLAY” qui provient du paru le 9 mai 2018 et le doc 3 paru sur Le doc 2 est une photo. Ces documents parlent du fait de concilier

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  • 24 hours left

    24 hours left

    Paper 6 : What would I do if I have 24h left to live If I only had 24 hours left to live, I would try to rent a supercar for a day something like a Lamborghini Aventador SV or an Ferrari F12 tdf. Then I would have fun on

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  • 2DIBC


    Enemies is a story that describes how pressures of war disturb social codes, causing two men on the same side to act violently toward one another for no real reason. In fact, it tells the story of two US soldiers, called Dave Jensen and Lee Strunk, who are fighting for

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  • 5G Anglais

    5G Anglais

    5G is the fifth generation of wireless communication technology, which, according to mobile phone operator Orange, is "designed to meet the very high growth in data and connectivity in modern society. "This new technology offers impressive data exchange and storage capacities and virtually unlimited call volumes. To achieve this, 5G

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  • A la découverte des Réformes religieuses au XVIès.

    A la découverte des Réformes religieuses au XVIès.

    HISTOIRE THÈME 2. L2. HUMANISME, RENAISSANCE, RÉFORMES RELIGIEUSES AUX XVè-XVIè S. Séance n°3 : A la découverte des Réformes religieuses au XVIès. (Voir manuel, pp. 120-145 + Recherches personnelles) 1. LA RÉFORME PROTESTANTE : 1. Les causes de la Réforme : 1. Quelles sont les manifestations de la profonde crise

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  • A moment in time

    A moment in time

    I remember that it hurt… Being at school with out her, hurt. Simple things like where to sit in class, or walking into a lesson and looking around to see a familiar face, just wasn't the same. Obviously i get the looks of sympathy, which vary from a pitying glance

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  • A Parisian in England

    A Parisian in England

    A Parisian in England A blog of my year in Cambridge, England The news! Saturday, August 04,2016 Hi everyone! After my year in France I decided with the agreement of my parents to continue my studies in Cambridge, the best university in the world, so I decided to spend a

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  • A Streetcar Named Desire - Essay

    A Streetcar Named Desire - Essay

    In A Streetcar Named Desire, has Tennessee Williams created a happy ending or a sad ending? Discuss with close reference to the play. The ending of a novel, a book or a play is often difficult to interpret since there are many different aspects that have to be taken in

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  • ABC News: The Future of the Workplace

    ABC News: The Future of the Workplace

    ABC News: The Future of the Workplace Compte rendu: En français : Cette vidéo nous parle du télétravail, le numérique c’est tellement développer que nous pouvons tout faire avec n’importe qui même si nous sommes a l’autre bout du monde comme par exemple les employer d’IBM qui pour la plupart

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  • Action spécial printemps

    Action spécial printemps

    Melvin Victor Winter Sale M: Hello! V: Hello! Welcome to the Skiped. If you need any information, do not hesitate. M: Yes I need some information please V:I'm listening M: I received your email about the winter promotions starting in your shop V: Yes indeed, they started yesterday M: And

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  • Adrian Mole

    Adrian Mole

    JANUARY Setting The story begins on January 1st (Thursday) 1981, during Bank Holiday in UK. A begins his diary with his New Year’s resolutions. At this period of the year, it is cold. The Epiphany follows, on the 6th. The place is not often described. A lives in a house

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  • Advantage and inconvenient of globalisation

    Advantage and inconvenient of globalisation

    Globalization is the acceleration of movement and exchange (of people, goods and services, technology, capital or cultural practices) all around the world. Globalization results in an increasing level of interaction between different regions and populations of the planet. Wich mean that more and more people will be aware of what

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  • Aestheticism


    The literature of the Victorian age (1837 – 1895) was dominated by realism. The victorian men of letters, born as they were in an era of strong rational industrial and agnostic movements had no choice but to write about the dominance of these forces over the individuals and institutions. They

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  • Agatha Christie

    Agatha Christie

    Presentation of English Agatha Christie Agatha Christie is a british writter who was born the 15 september 1890 in Turquey and she died the 12 January 1976 in Walingford. Dame Agatha Mary Clarissa Christie was an English crime writer of novels, short stories, and plays. She also wrote six romances

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  • Al Capone

    Al Capone

    Al Capone or the 20th Century living legend Al Capone is being shaved and manicured when J. Harrison and I entered the room. The name of the place will be keep secret for the security of Capone. This is part of the deal: we ask him our questions but we

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