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Spaces and exchanges : what are the reasons for, and the consequences of immigration ?

Dissertation : Spaces and exchanges : what are the reasons for, and the consequences of immigration ?. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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Sophie Savary TS4


I am going to talk aboutthe notion of « Space and Exchanges ». an exchange is an act of giving and receiving something in return. Or a continuous movement and circulation : media, people, trade, etc. In class we focussed on immigration into the United States, from Mexico. It is the longest border and a strategic border for legal and illegal business such as drug dealing. We studied on two documents, the first is a magazine cover of Business week and the second is a report “Crossing Over”. We can ask the question : what ares the reasons for, and the consequences of immigration ? In first time, we'll talk about the reasons of immigaration and in the otherside we'll present the consequences on the USA.

Migration into the USA has many reasons. The first document I have chosen a magazine cover of Business Week wants to show this aspect. Indeed, it is a picture which exemplifies the idea of a better life. The Mexicans who come to the USA wants to have a better life. This means : leaving the unemployement and poverty of Mexico. In the USA, they want to find a land of opportunities and an attractive job market. This is shown on one half of the pictures, we can see an illegal immigrant crossing the American border through the desert. Moreover, he has only a bundle with him. And the other half of the picture represents the change after he has arrived in the USA. Now, he has shopping bags. This shows he has found a job and he is happy, he has a smile on his face. He realized his American Dream. As a consumer, he has become truly American. But this immigration has consequences.

Mexican immigration has also huge consequences for the USA. In fact, it is a hub for legal and illegal business. My second document, a report entitled “Crossing Over” exemplifies this aspect. On one hand, American employers hire migrants to painful jobs, fill the Americans don't want. For employers, it is a good thing because it is a cheap labour force without to be in illegalty. On the other hand, the border is a place for illegal business because it isso huge. One example: a 2,400-foot (800 meters) tunnel has been discovered by the US borders agents. Moreover, this tunnel was really modern, it had electric lighting, ventilation systems and a concrete floor.  This report wants to demonstrate that most of the migrants reach the USA illegally, they cross the desert. So it is necessary to have border patrols to ensure the territorial security (of north americans).

To conclude, these two documents show that immigaration from Mexico has positive and negative aspects, like immigration to countries other than the US but this one is very dangerous for Mexicans during the crossing and for Americans because of illegal business. I agree with the picture of magazine cover because the mexicans look for a better life but it is not really reality. Indeed, a little bit migrant have this opportunity to become rich maybe. And moreover, I find harm the developpement of illegal business because there are to take the misery at the mexican population.


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