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Spaces and exchanges: what is the impact of the immigrant in USA?

Fiche : Spaces and exchanges: what is the impact of the immigrant in USA?. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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Hello my name is... I'm going to talk about the notion of spaces and exchanges. To start with I'd like to give you a definition about the notion. So space is the unlimited three-dimentional expance in wich all material object are located ans exchange is to replace unsafactory goods with another. The subject of my presentation is the emigration. Now the question i can up with is what is the ipact of the immigrant in USA?

Firstly i talk about push and pull factors and secondly i talk about rasism and inegalty.

1- Push and Pull factors

Pushs factors are: War, poverty, famine, politics

Pulls factors are: Quality of life, jobs, betters salaries

John Quintero is a man who emigrates in USA for new experience. He learnt English in a university and is brother is in USA to.

2- Where they arrived?

They arrived at ELLIS ISLAND (in NYC, next to the island of statue of liberty) since 1891 at 1959. They arrived in this island for passed test.

3- Rasism and inegality

In USA there is lot of rasism. There is the KKK.

KKK -> KU KLUX KLAN It's a powerful lobby. They founded this group in 1865. For them the white people are over the others.

In class we watched a video between an Amercian and a girl who was American but she’s Chinese. The man laughs at origins of her.

To conclude the blacks’ mens was segregated but now in America there is Obama a black president.

Thank’s you to have seen my job for this notion for the BAC.


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