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Spaces and exchanges, what are the effects of these world exchanges in our society?

Fiche : Spaces and exchanges, what are the effects of these world exchanges in our society?. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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        I'm going to present the notion Spaces and Exchanges. Exchange is defined as a continuous output, a continuous movement or circulation, this concerns people, trade, media etc... Exchange can also be defined as general movement or tendency. In class we have chosen to studied an aspect of these movements: the globalization. There is a process of increasing interdependence and interaction  between nations, governments, people or companies. It is driven by international trade and it's made possible by innovations in informations technology.

        Then, what are the effects of these world exchanges in our society? In a first part we will see of what globalization is made. In a second part, we will see postives aspects of the globalization and in a last part, we will see limits and negatives aspects of the globalization.

        I will use the collage “What is Globalization?”, two extracts from The World is Flat written by Thomas Friedman in 2005. The first extract is entitled Nigthhawks and the second Why should I go to America?. I will use a video entitled Outsourcing your life wich is a Newsreport from the Early Show CBS NEWS. The last document I will use is an editorial cartoon by Jeff Koterba wich is entitled Outsourcing Homework.

        I- What is globalization

                a) Flow of goods

                b) Outsourcing

        II- Positives aspects of globalization and outsourcing

                a) get goods from all around the world

                b) The reduction of work

c) Job creation

        III- Limits and negatives aspects of outsourcing

                a) limits

                b) Jobs' suppression

                c) Labor exploitation


        We've seen globalization leads a standardization of our tastes and our cultures with the exchange of goods around the world. Furthermore, outsourcing reduces the workload by using people abroad but the workforce used is often underpaid and may not be qualified. Outsourcing creates jobs in less developed countries, but it also leads to job losses in countries where large firms come from.


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