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Spaces and exchanges: What are the limits of exchanges through the power of money and the technology ?

Fiche : Spaces and exchanges: What are the limits of exchanges through the power of money and the technology ?. Recherche parmi 298 000+ dissertations

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I’m going to give a definition of this notion. It’s the idea of giving one thing and receiving another one in return. These exchanges correspond to a movement and they can take several forms like economic, technological, cultural or people. There are spaces of different natures like virtual or geographical. The exchanges can evolve over the time.

What are the limits of exchanges through the power of money and the technology ?

We will see the positive points of exchanges and their limits.

Our modern-day world is changing quickly, for example in communication or technology. The exchange of information has become through the Internet and the international trade has allowed us to expand our markets for goods and services that may not have been available to us.

Today we live in a huge global economy in fact is the globalisation. The technological advances have totally changed. If we take the example of the arrival of Internet and access to computers. Our lives and our relationships with others have been completely transformed.

For example, today we can stay connected with simple glasses which are connected themsleves. So, we have access to far more information than before, we can easily communicate accross border by new technologies.

For example on 1924 in Berlin until today an event is organized every year on the wearable technologies. This event allows exchanges of information. It’s a place where people can make new encounters.

But there are also exchanges of people thanks to tourism or money with the globalisation.

But sometimes some exchanges are not positive for everyone.

Indeed, there is today a big gap between the northern and the southern countries. This gap could be explained by a question of richness.

For example, today more and more of people protest against the richest who are the only ones to enjoy the system. We live in a consumer society and we buy what promotes the globalisation, we don’t think about the repercussions and the consequences of this.

For example, consumers in rich countries, located in the north, buy during winter, very expensive fruits, like cherries coming from Brazil, and don’t imagine the negative consequence of their purchase for the environment. The transport by plane, faster, is organized to satisfy the rich consumers who could consume locally others fruits without deteriorate our planet with the pollution.

We can say, today some new technologies affect a lot of people, could accentuate the unemployement like robots which replace more and more workers in factories and could weaken others by internet where fake News and private pictures or information true or false are released in real time.

To conclude, the limits of exchanges through the power of money and technologies must be taken into account carefully in order to protect the people even if we must consider the notion of idea of progress.


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