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Spaces and exchanes: what are the consequences of the advent of the internet and social networks?

Fiche : Spaces and exchanes: what are the consequences of the advent of the internet and social networks?. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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Spaces and Exchanges

        To begin, we will define term of spaces and exchanges. It's a continuous movement of circulation.

All types of exchanges : People, trade, media, etc... Exchanges can be merchants, relational.

What are the consequences of the advent of the internet and social networks ?

First, we will see the positive consequences of this. Then we will speak of the negative consequences of the advent of th internet.

        The arrival of the Internet has been a revolution in technology.
In addition, the creation of social networks, has had positive consequences.
For example, during the Arab spring, Facebook has been a very useful help, because Western did not know what was really happening there. Through Facebook, the Arabs have denounced the abuse of judicial power.
This allowed Westerners to realize that the violence suffered populations

        The document « Google Generation » is an interview of a professor at the university College of London. Ian Rowlands who has published a study on the google generation.

The net generation is a generation born in the early nineties. The specificity of this generation is that the are accustomed to using the high technologies and the internet (cell phone / laptops / tablets)

As a result, the are there devices as research tools. Contrary to the previous generation, the digital natives is more confortable working on a keyboard them writing in a notebook. They are happier reading from a computer screen than from paper in hand. Young people are more efficient on the net

These two examples watches the positive impact of the Internet and social networks.

        However, there are negative aspects. In the document "Google generation", the study shows that 80% of College students use search engines to begin an information research. In other words most students prefer virtual information over texts. In addition, unlike the previous generation, the digital natives are faster to find out information on the net. They even show “impatience” when they have to carry out a research. Finally the issue is that young people are unable to make the difference between true info and wrong info. They are not confident about their research. It's also due to the fact young people don't spend enough time to evaluating information

        Social networks can have catastrophic consequences. Now some teenager are harassed on the Internet: the Cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is the use of new technology like email, social networking site like Twitter, or mobile phones, to bully somebody else. So you might send them a nasty email or a threatening text message or post a humiliating picture of them onto a social network like Facebook. As explained by the interviewee in the document: "Cyberbullying: High-Tech Harrassment", the psychological impact of this on a young person cannot be underestimated.

He says that, if you are bullied at school, then perhaps one or two people might find you. On the internet, there is an audience of millions and millions of people. The harassed person will refuse to go to school, will withdraw into itself, or even commit suicide.

        To conclude, we can says, that the advent of internet and the social network have positive consequences, (denounciation..), but still hiding negative aspects for young users ( Cyberbullying for example).


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