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Spaces and exchanges : what aree the causes and impacts of immigration ?

Fiche : Spaces and exchanges : what aree the causes and impacts of immigration ?. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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I’m going to talk about The notion "Spaces and exchanges". I would give you a definition of this notion. An exchange is the act of  giving or receiving something in substitution for something else. In today’s modern-day world these exchanges can take several forms economic ( work exchanges, exchange of goods, trading across borders )  cultural, ( exchange of ideas, information, education ) movement of people  ( immigration, student exchanges, gap years ). Espaces are places where this exchanges are make it could be cities, country etc …

In classes we mostly studied the immigration in Europe, with the europe refuge’s crisis, so we can ask ourselves :

«  What are causes and impacts of the immigration ? »

We will look at the causes of immigration, Hardships to travel and testimonies.

        Firstly, I’m gone to talk about causes of forced immigration. There are many reasons why people immigrate and we can classify them in 2 categories. The first one’s are pushed factors, it’s when people flee their country to escape from povrety, wars, dictatorship or natural dissasteer.

        And the other ones are pull factors, it’s when people immigrate to have better jobs, opportunities, a higher quality of life, learn a foreign language or to be with family.

Through the poeme « home » by warsan shire, we can see that people run away from their home only when « home is the mouth of a shark » . So the push factors are generally those that cause of forced immigration. At the beginning of her poem the autor pictures life in a warzone and how refuges are forced to flee even if the journey to a safe place also mean putting their life at risk. So we can see how desesperate refugees are.

        They usually travel by boat and cross several country before arriving to the western europe.

The mediteranean route is the deadliest migrant route . Many of the migrants have died drowned because they don’t have life jackets and the boats are overloaded so the dinghies turn over.

        Moreover accordied to makone mare the journey is very expensive, indeed he had to spend 2000 € for that journey and he still have many problems like being emprisoned for no reason. Thanks to his testimony, we can see migrants have to put their lifes at risk to reach a safer place.

But Europe is not the end of their journey. Indeed, after reaching a safe place they enconter other problems.

According to Bashier, a syrian migrant living in Germany, reaching a safe place is very hard but living in it is not easy. Refuge usually don’t speak the language of their new home, they are broke and don’t have papers so it’s very difficult for them to find a job and a housing.

Moreover they are also victim of discrimination and racism. And they also miss their home, but they had no choice to leave their country and risk this deadly route.

To conclude, we can say that forced immigration causes a huge amount of death, many problems to countries and migrants who survived the journey. it is harder for them to integrate and they face discrimination because they don’t share a common culture with countries they integrate. But It good be good for a country, for example london has evolded to a multicultural city thanks to immigration so we can say that forced immigration could be good.


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