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Spaces and exchanges: What are the different factors that explain migratíons throughout the world?

Discours : Spaces and exchanges: What are the different factors that explain migratíons throughout the world?. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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Spaces and exchanges


Nowadays, the different spaces in the world are more and more connected to each other, as we live in a globalised world. The exchanges can appear in many forms: people, trade, and information.

I’m going focus on migrations and especially the reason for these exchanges of people.

What are the different factors that explain migrations throughout the world?

        First I will study the bust and the boom of Ireland.

        Then I’ll study the case of the syrian migration wave.

  1. The bust and the boom of Ireland

From 1845 to 1990s: Ireland suffered from the Great famine. This resulted in a lot of unemployment and chronic poverty. A wave of mass emigration occurred to the US, Britain and Australia as they searched for a better life, a life of wealth.

        In the mid 90’s until 2007 Ireland went through what is called “the boom”. During that period Ireland got into the European Union which made them more powerful and attractive, opening for those who immigrate many doors in the rest of Europe. The young Irish workforce was well educated enhancing the country’s attractiveness. Furthermore, in Ireland there were tax breaks for businesses. As so, there was a rise of investment during that period, principally foreign.

The Celtic Tiger (comparison with China’s economic growth) : full employment, growing economy, more property

Mass immigration

        In 2008 the american economy was touched by the financial subprime’s crisis. The different countries’ economies being so intimately linked, the crisis expanded quickly throughout the world. Ireland’s economy was impacted by that. The direct consequence of this crisis was unemployment and the crash of property prices. Ireland became unattractive and that caused a wave of mass emigration.

We can say that Ireland is the base of a lot of migrations, which resulted in a huge Irish diaspora (70 million people are of Irish descent) . These migrations are mostly linked to the economic situation of the country.

II. syrian immigration

Migrations has and always will be of actuality.People flee their country for many reasons, such as political, religious or economic reasons.

In the last two years, we have been confronted to one of the biggest waves of migrations : hundreds of thousands of people from syria have been asking asylum in the EU since 2014. They have been fleeing their country to get away from the war and the terrible life conditions. People are leaving to try to survive and find a better life in the “richer” countries, such as France or Germany. Many of them are even risking their lives by taking boats on the Mediterranean to get away from their homeland. The famous picture from the little boy’s corpse Aylan Kurdi on the beach made Europe realise the importance of this migratory crisis and made things changed from this moment on.


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