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Space and Exchange : hat are the different forms of the Internet?

Fiche : Space and Exchange : hat are the different forms of the Internet?. Recherche parmi 293 000+ dissertations

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Space and Exchange

To present the notion space and Exchange, I will start by defining this notion: All societies are somehow defining by the geographical and symbolic spaces they occupy and how they open their space to what lies farther away. Each notion of influence beyond their borders thought trade, conquest and communication. Geographically, our world has never seemed smaller or transportation and telecommunication have accelerated the rhythm of exchange between different aeras. New modes of exchange are emerging, redefining our conception of space. From this observation, a question arises: What influence does the web have on today’s society? To answer this question, we will first see what are the different forms of the Internet? And we will see Is the web beneficial or harmful.

I] What are the different forms of the Internet?

To start we can see 3 different aspects of the Internet. There are Social Network, E commerce sites and Blogs. For differentiate the 3 different aspects we can take an example. For example, we can take the theme “year off in other country”. So, in first there is social Network. A social network dedicated website or other application which enables users to communicate which each other by posting information. In our case we can continue to speak which our family despite we are very far. So, first the web lets stays close despite a longue distance. In second part there is E Commerce sites. An E commerce site is a site where we can buy something. In our example “year off in other country” we can use E commerce site to bye special clothes for may be another climate. Or we can see What travel agencies offer to go abroad. So, in the web we can buy something. And the last part on the Web is the Blogs. The blog is a website where we can speak about 1 subject with somebody. For our example we can speak about our travel or ask for advice. In conclusion on the web we can posting information, communicate and buy something.

II] Is the web beneficial or harmful

To start we can see the advantages in link with the first part. To start the most advantage is to share and to receive information around the world without constraint of distance. Thanks to social network, blogs. To start we can buy articles with e-commerce sites at home paying online. So, thanks to the web the society win a lot of time. Then we can valorise a corporate with advertisement and conversely find a job. But also, thanks to the social network and the blog if we want, we can discovery a country without moving, just stay home.

Now the negative aspects. The information can may be false or may have been spread to create “buzz”. We should be careful when we are in the web. In internet there are many groups with bad intentions. It’s can be very dangerous. And we can become addict to something on the web and pay online without restrain. So, when we are in the web, we should be very careful.

To conclude the web, present a lot of utilities and advantages but a few negative points. The use of the Internet must be very controlled by the policy of the net to avoid conflicts not to injure them, but also by the persons who uses the web, by controlling their activities. From my point of view, I think internet is very interesting for the professional aspect and to discovery the


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