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  • "Betroffenheit", Jonathon Young

    "Betroffenheit", Jonathon Young

    Partie 1 : expression écrite doc 1: In this extract, we learn that the author of the play "Betroffenheit", Jonathon Young, recounts a terrible accident he experienced and witnessed. It happened while he was on vacation in Vancouver, accompanied by his 14-year-old daughter and her two cousins. Unfortunately, the cabin

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  • A case with chat gpt

    A case with chat gpt

    With ChatGPT, we found old cases related to the subject like : Bernie Madoff: Perhaps one of the most infamous embezzlement cases in recent history, Bernie Madoff ran a massive Ponzi scheme that defrauded investors of billions of dollars over several decades. He was sentenced to 150 years in prison

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  • A day in the life

    A day in the life

    Ladies and gentlemen, today I'm going to give you a 5-minute presentation on the song "A Day in the Life" by The Beatles. This iconic song takes us back to the 1960's, the era in which it was written, while discussing the new things it introduced. In addition, we will

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  • A father's pain

    A father's pain

    « A father's pain » Adem Atlan is a Turkish photojournalist known for his work covering significant events and news stories. His photography often captures powerful and poignant moments. A photographer for 40 years, including 15 with afp, Adem Atlan was working in front of a destroyed building in kahramanmaras,

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  • A Shake-up in Make-up

    A Shake-up in Make-up

    COSMETICS: A SHAKE-UP IN MAKE-UP 01/26. I/ Compréhension de l’écrit. The article talks about cosmetics brands, such as Kiko. The Milanese brand is described as a copier of fast-fashion methods of brands like Zara or H&M. Kiko changes its line-up of products in its stores continually, it is well aware

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  • A short story about rats

    A short story about rats

    Rise of the rats On my holiday to Florida, I decided to take a swim in one of the local swamps near the motel I was staying at. The water was murky but surprisingly warm. I was doing laps around a dead crocodile and dove under water when I suddenly

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  • Académie medrano

    Académie medrano

    Intro : Blaise Cendrars est un écrivain français : poète avant-gardiste, Cendrars renouvelle les formes poétiques au début du 20° siècle avec son long poème en prome La Prose du Transsibérien (1913) ; il se tourne ensuite vers le roman, le journalisme et l'autobiographie. Dans Sonnets dénaturés, il fait éelater

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  • Across the oceans

    Across the oceans

    I hope your journey wasn’t to shaky, I’m Majdeline and I’ll be your captain from now on. Like you can see outside we just arrived on the African coasts. Hot, Exotic & Wild, that’s where the last moment of freedom & humanity ends for African people who will go from

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  • Advertisement Nike running shoes

    Advertisement Nike running shoes

    Anglais Advertisement Nike running shoes Our storytelling is based on the liberty, the strengh and the youth that we can feel when we wear the nike running shoes. So we decide by the advertisement to targeted the teenager up to 25 years old and people who are between 40 years

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  • African American In New York City - Info for Oral

    African American In New York City - Info for Oral

    Dominique : Racial displacement is the action of moving a racial group from its place to another. Many communities and especially the African American community have been suffering from this , which explains why their community is so present in some areas in NY but inexistant in others. Today I

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  • Agatha Christie's biography

    Agatha Christie's biography

    El BOUHALI. 4°I NOUR AGATHA CHRISTIE’S BIOGRAPHY * Date and place of birth : When and where was AC born ? -Agatha Christie was born at Torquay in England, in 1890. * Studies : Did she go to school ? -Yes, at her 16 years old, she goes to a

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  • AI-generated art

    AI-generated art

    Partie 1: AI-generated art has ignited a profound discourse within the art world. To delve into the axe "art and the debate of ideas," we can analyze three distinct documents. The first document is an excerpt from a book, the second originates from a journal, and the third takes the

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  • Alpine et culture au Qatar

    Alpine et culture au Qatar

    ALPINE : - Hello Sir, today, I’m going to introduce you my company through a few words about the company and some economics information so that you can get an idea of my international projects. Few words : - First of all, Alpine is a French automaker that operates in

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  • American Brevet Oral

    American Brevet Oral

    American Brevet oral Intro: in this presentation I will talk about mental illnesses. The history of mental illness goes back as far as written records. Psychiatry got its name as a medical specialty in the early 1800s. There are a lot a books about mental illnesses and mental health in

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  • American Dream

    American Dream

    Eilis Island was the primary gateway for immigration to the United States from 1892 to 1954. During this time, 100 million immigrants from all over the world arrived on American soil, seeking a better life, and fulfilling their version of the American dream. But the reality was different. So, we

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  • An astronaut’s daily routine on the ISS

    An astronaut’s daily routine on the ISS

    An astronaut’s daily routine on the ISS: First, the astronaut wakes up and eats breakfast. Their meal is composed of a tortilla with peanut butter, honey, jam… It is very similar to what we eat on Earth, except that they have to be careful with crumbs. Moreover, the food is

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  • Analyse caged bird

    Analyse caged bird

    CAGED BIRD ANALYSIS TEXT THING INTRO “Caged bird” was written by Maya Angelou. This poem describes the experience of two different birds: a free bird and one caged. STRUCTURE Form Free verse. 6 stanzas, 38 lines. Pattern: stanza 1 and 2 (7 lines), stanza 3 and 6 (8 lines), stanza

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  • Analyse d'image anglais fiction et réalité

    Analyse d'image anglais fiction et réalité

    Anglais consigne : Les documents A et B portent sur l’axe « Fictions et réalités ». Vous disposez tout d’abord de dix minutes de préparation pour prendre connaissance des documents A et B et pour choisir celui qui, à votre sens, illustre le mieux l'axe d'étude. À l’issue de dix

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  • Analyse d'une publicité Mercedes

    Analyse d'une publicité Mercedes

    8.11) Assignment: Analyze an Ad 1. The message delivered in this video is that when we drive a Mercedes, we drive with the entire history of the brand. This message is delivered in an Ad by the company Mercedes itself to promote its new car model. 2. In this Ad,

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  • Analyse de l'Innovation Technologique et de la Stratégie Informatique d'Hyundai

    Analyse de l'Innovation Technologique et de la Stratégie Informatique d'Hyundai

    **Compte Rendu sur le Cas d'Entreprise Hyundai pour le BTS SIO - Thème 2** *Titre : Analyse de l'Innovation Technologique et de la Stratégie Informatique d'Hyundai* --- **Introduction** Le secteur automobile est en constante évolution, avec des avancées technologiques majeures qui modifient la façon dont les entreprises opèrent et interagissent

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  • Analyse of a text on an Armenian clinic

    Analyse of a text on an Armenian clinic

    Références du devoir Matière : Anglais Code de la matière : AN11 N° du devoir : 3 (tel qu’il figure dans le fascicule devoirs) Pour les devoirs de langues étrangères, cochez obligatoirement ☐ LVA, ☐ LVB ou ☐ LVC Vos coordonnées Indicatif : Nom : Prénom : Ville de

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  • Analysis of chapter 19 to 21 of Emma by Jane Austen

    Analysis of chapter 19 to 21 of Emma by Jane Austen

    Hi everyone, today I am going to talk about the section between chapters 19 and 21 from the book “Emma” by Jane Austen. Before I start the analyzing part of my presentation, here is the plan : I will begin with the introduction of the main idea of this section

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  • Anglais 2nd - analys de document sur la conquête spatiale

    Anglais 2nd - analys de document sur la conquête spatiale

    Anglais Français Anticipation: This document is the cover of the magazine Life published in 1958. It depicts an astronaut (that is from America, opposed to a cosmonaut from Russia) testing a spacesuit. The headline is « man’s new world: into frontiers beyond Earth » which can mean that scientists want

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  • Anglais : Erasmus+

    Anglais : Erasmus+

    ERASMUS+ PROGRAMME : Erasmus+ is a programme based on the former one but it is bigger and better. The programme provides financial support and allows different categories of people to have the opportunity to stay abroad to strengthen their skills and increase their employability. You can get involved in you

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  • Anglais : les différents temps

    Anglais : les différents temps

    anglais synthèse LES DIFFERENTS TEMPS 1. Present simple : * utilisé pour décrire des actions régulières ou des faits généraux. * Exemple : I always drink coffee in the morning. * Conjugaison : sujet + verbe à l'infinitif (sauf pour la 3ème personne du singulier où l'on ajoute un "s")

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  • Anglais : profil de Serena Williams

    Anglais : profil de Serena Williams

    Serena Williams Bonjour je vais aujourd' hui vous présenter une atlhète américaine qui peut être considérer comme un modèle inspirante à suivre pour sa détermination et son courage dans le monde du sports . Serena Jameka Williams est une joueuse de tennis américaine née le 26 septembre 1981 à Saginaw

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  • Anglais : Utopie

    Anglais : Utopie

    In a not-too-distant future, the world seems to have become an utopian place: Everyone is healthy, strong and has an incredible longevity. All are grouped in futuristic cities. There is nothing outside and no one has the idea of leaving the perimeter. The environment is artificial but idyllic, the technologies

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  • Anglais bts communication cned A1

    Anglais bts communication cned A1

    Compte rendu en français: Les réputations environnementales peuvent être tout aussi difficiles à reconstruire. Des ONG comme Greenpeace et le World Wildlife Fund croient en la fragilité potentielle de l'environnement et considèrent ça comme un moyen d’inciter les entreprises à changer. L’approche du maillet a été très utile . Guinness

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  • Anglais f1 : Lewis Hamilton

    Anglais f1 : Lewis Hamilton

    Lewis Hamilton est un pilote automobile qui est né le 7 janvier 1985 en Angleterre. Il débuta le karting à l'âge de 8 ans en 1993 jusqu’en 2001 Il est actuellement 7 fois champion du monde de Formule 1 autant que Michael Schumacher mais il esLewis Hamilton I) qui est-ce

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  • Anglais fiche auteur John Daniel

    Anglais fiche auteur John Daniel

    Anna Delanchy (Section 2) Author Note: John Daniel is a South Carolinian author, born in the 1950s. He lived and studied in Washington DC first and then moved to Oregon. He writes a lot about nature and the relation between mankind and the natural world. He is the author of

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