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  • A Shake-up in Make-up

    A Shake-up in Make-up

    COSMETICS: A SHAKE-UP IN MAKE-UP 01/26. I/ Compréhension de l’écrit. The article talks about cosmetics brands, such as Kiko. The Milanese brand is described as a copier of fast-fashion methods of brands like Zara or H&M. Kiko changes its line-up of products in its stores continually, it is well aware

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  • A short story about rats

    A short story about rats

    Rise of the rats On my holiday to Florida, I decided to take a swim in one of the local swamps near the motel I was staying at. The water was murky but surprisingly warm. I was doing laps around a dead crocodile and dove under water when I suddenly

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  • Across the oceans

    Across the oceans

    I hope your journey wasn’t to shaky, I’m Majdeline and I’ll be your captain from now on. Like you can see outside we just arrived on the African coasts. Hot, Exotic & Wild, that’s where the last moment of freedom & humanity ends for African people who will go from

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  • African American In New York City - Info for Oral

    African American In New York City - Info for Oral

    Dominique : Racial displacement is the action of moving a racial group from its place to another. Many communities and especially the African American community have been suffering from this , which explains why their community is so present in some areas in NY but inexistant in others. Today I

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  • Alpine et culture au Qatar

    Alpine et culture au Qatar

    ALPINE : - Hello Sir, today, I’m going to introduce you my company through a few words about the company and some economics information so that you can get an idea of my international projects. Few words : - First of all, Alpine is a French automaker that operates in

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  • American Dream

    American Dream

    Eilis Island was the primary gateway for immigration to the United States from 1892 to 1954. During this time, 100 million immigrants from all over the world arrived on American soil, seeking a better life, and fulfilling their version of the American dream. But the reality was different. So, we

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  • Analyse caged bird

    Analyse caged bird

    CAGED BIRD ANALYSIS TEXT THING INTRO “Caged bird” was written by Maya Angelou. This poem describes the experience of two different birds: a free bird and one caged. STRUCTURE Form Free verse. 6 stanzas, 38 lines. Pattern: stanza 1 and 2 (7 lines), stanza 3 and 6 (8 lines), stanza

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  • Analyse d'une publicité Mercedes

    Analyse d'une publicité Mercedes

    8.11) Assignment: Analyze an Ad 1. The message delivered in this video is that when we drive a Mercedes, we drive with the entire history of the brand. This message is delivered in an Ad by the company Mercedes itself to promote its new car model. 2. In this Ad,

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  • Anglais : les différents temps

    Anglais : les différents temps

    anglais synthèse LES DIFFERENTS TEMPS 1. Present simple : * utilisé pour décrire des actions régulières ou des faits généraux. * Exemple : I always drink coffee in the morning. * Conjugaison : sujet + verbe à l'infinitif (sauf pour la 3ème personne du singulier où l'on ajoute un "s")

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  • Anglais : Utopie

    Anglais : Utopie

    In a not-too-distant future, the world seems to have become an utopian place: Everyone is healthy, strong and has an incredible longevity. All are grouped in futuristic cities. There is nothing outside and no one has the idea of leaving the perimeter. The environment is artificial but idyllic, the technologies

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  • Anglais bts communication cned A1

    Anglais bts communication cned A1

    Compte rendu en français: Les réputations environnementales peuvent être tout aussi difficiles à reconstruire. Des ONG comme Greenpeace et le World Wildlife Fund croient en la fragilité potentielle de l'environnement et considèrent ça comme un moyen d’inciter les entreprises à changer. L’approche du maillet a été très utile . Guinness

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  • Anglais vocabulaire pauvre/riche

    Anglais vocabulaire pauvre/riche

    A town : une ville. A city : une gronde ville. A district un quar†ier. The cit / town centre : ie centre ville.. An owner : un propriétaire. A block of flats : un immeuble. A building : une construction, un immeuble. A skYscraper : un gratte-ciel. A storey

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  • Antibiotic résistence

    Antibiotic résistence

    Eya Hamdani Words: 395 Group: Friday Antibiotic resistance It is surprising to learn that despite their microscopic size, bacteria produce more biomass overall than all plants and animals combined. Most of these single-celled microorganisms are harmless and even helpful, but some can lead to dangerous diseases. They are everywhere. Fortunately,

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  • Applying for a job

    Applying for a job

    Project : Applying for a job . Send a CV video ( the world of work) Final mission : you have just passed your BTEC National and you would like to have a work experience in England for a few months. You are interested in a job offer.You decide to

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  • Are teenagers too young to teach people ?

    Are teenagers too young to teach people ?

    SUBJECT 1 : Teenagers are too young to teach other people. Do you agree? We often wonder whether it is teenager’s place or not to teach others, considering they are young, but age alone does not determine a person's ability to teach or their understanding of a subject. For example,

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  • Art Spiegelman, Maus

    Art Spiegelman, Maus

    Bonjour Mesdames et Messieurs, je vais vous présenter mon oral de brevet portant sur la bande dessinée « Maus » de Art Spiegelman. -Mon oral portera sur la problématique suivante en quoi cette œuvre Participe-telle au devoir de mémoire ? * Le devoir de mémoire consiste à préserver et à

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  • Au pair interview

    Au pair interview

    Present yourself: I’m Elisa and I’m 16 years old. I’m patient and I like sports. And I love to share activities with children, and I want to improve my English skills that’s why I’m here today. Why would you like to become an Au Pair? Because I love children and

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  • Australia's prime minister letter

    Australia's prime minister letter

    Dear Mr Morrison, I’m writing to you today because of the situation in Australia, in New South Wales especially. The crisis we are facing need to be fought, action have to be taken. My name is Anaëlle and I’m a WWF volunteer, an activist. The massive bushfires aren’t usual and

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  • Banksy oral comprehension correction

    Banksy oral comprehension correction

    Contrairement à d’autres écoles, l’apparition d’une peinture murale (largeur de 4,50 m) n’a pas été mal reçue dans cette école primaire de Bristol, car c’est l’œuvre d’un artiste Britannique moderne et célèbre. Fzlf fdn fsk fbc cfckc ndbc gfkgf cndfc.fkdf fkfg c f gf hg L’œuvre a été découverte par

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  • Biography of Simone Veil

    Biography of Simone Veil

    Simone Veil Hello, today we are going to talk about a woman who was very important in France. This woman is Simone Veil At first we will see her biography, after that we will linger on the course of her life, then we will see the different fights for which

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  • Biography of Stephen King

    Biography of Stephen King

    Stephen King is surely the best horror author of all the last 20 years. He wrote 16 novels and sold more than 350 million of them. He even directed a film points. He was born on 21st September 1941 in the northern state of Maine in the USA. His father

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  • Body functionning

    Body functionning

    Introduction Le corps humain est la structure culturelle et physique d'un être humain. Le corps humain est constitué de plusieurs systèmes (nerveux, digestif, etc.), ainsi que de 206 os et 639 muscles dont 570 sont des muscles squelettiques. La science et la pratique visant à décrire l'organisation et le fonctionnement

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  • Broken Lives: The Story of Two Troubled Souls

    Broken Lives: The Story of Two Troubled Souls

    Broken Lives: The Story of Two Troubled Souls Tiana and Malcolm had known each other since they were children. They grew up together in a small town outside of Los Angeles and their parents were good friends. As they grew older, Tiana realized she had feelings for Malcolm, but she

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  • Business in different cuontries

    Business in different cuontries

    What are the origins of the speaker? She is from Minnesota USA in a mono-cultural environment. In which country did the speaker first realize the importance of understanding the cultural differences? It was in Japan Explain the situation of her communication mistakes and how she should have acted according to

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  • Cas Meuh’Cola

    Cas Meuh’Cola

    Marius Levannier Cas Meuh’Cola Adonis Lermier 1 – Comprendre les stratégies de distribution 1) L’entreprise meuh cola utilise un canal court, car l’entreprise comporte au moins deux intermédiaires qui sont les restaurateurs de qualité mais aussi par des petits cafés… qui les revendent aux clients. La stratégie de distribution de

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  • Case-study Coffee Cup

    Case-study Coffee Cup

    Case-study Coffee Cup Coffee Cup has been established more that 20 years ago but the business has really taken off in early 2000 in the coffee industry with a positioning of premium brand. Coffee Cup belongs to a multi-unit group present in the food industry and is recognized today as

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  • Characteristics of gothic fiction

    Characteristics of gothic fiction

    Characteristics of gothic fiction The first gothic novel was published in 1764. The gothic novel will typically follow a plot of mystery and suspense. Often you will find gloomy settings such as old decaying houses in isolated locations. There are often houses with long dark corridors and a dark and

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  • Chinese Exclusion Act

    Chinese Exclusion Act

    First, Chinese immigrants get basically in the Mississippi Delta to work in the cotton fields cause they were cheap to paid and politically voiceless due to their ( in my opinion, they are not that voiceless, Americans understood that type of behavior like this but they just have a different

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  • Civilisation Américaine : The British colonization of north America, 17-18th century

    Civilisation Américaine : The British colonization of north America, 17-18th century

    CM CIVI AMÉRICAINE BCC 2 UE 2 L1 S1 Chapitre 1 : The British colonization of north America, 17-18th century 1. The English expansion in NA in the 17th century 2. The English expansion in NA in the 18th Intro : * european colonial expansion 1492 * Led by CC

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  • Civilisation UK

    Civilisation UK

    Civilisation UK 24 janvier 2023 The United Kingdom Today National Characteristics pas d’article devant Great Britain Grand Britain = England / Scotland / Wales THE United Kingdom = Scotland / England / Wales / Northern Ireland Territory 2 mains islands + smaller ones (ex : Orkney, Shetland & Hebrides Island

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