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Rapport de stage : Stage linguistique anglais. Recherche parmi 245 000+ dissertations

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H. E. M.

Institut des Hautes Etudes de Management


Linguistic Internship Report for

An Immersion In English

Prepared by:        Bennani Anas                                

Supervised by: Mr. Berrada Khalid


Internship Journey in : British Workshop


Academic Year: 2012-2013


I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all who contributed to the making of this report, beginning with Mr Berrada who gave us all the instructions needed.

Secondly, I would like to thank all the crew of the institution British Workshop from the teachers to the head manager, for their patience, ambition and their understanding of everyone’s weaknesses and level in English.

Most importantly, I am very grateful to HEM for giving me the opportunity to pursue an English training, improving my English level significantly.
Especially Ms. Maad, for directing me to British Workshop which is a respectful institution.


The primary goal of this training session was to improve one’s English level, allowing every one of us to fully express himself .

The overall level of the students with who we shared the classes was acceptable but some of us had difficulties to deal with, such as listening comprehension or oral expression.

We all know the importance of learning English language, being internationally used, especially for me, as I would like to pursue my studies in international business. Moreover, English is a vital way of communicating in public life; English literature is very rich and influential, reflecting the experience of people from many countries and times.

My choice of the institution comes from Ms. Maad’s advice which I think was very useful, besides that, I already went to London so travelling abroad was kind of unnecessary.

My report will divide into three parts. In chapter one, I will present British Workshop and I will talk about the organization of the courses. In part two, I will talk about the visits we made. Finally in part three , I will express my feelings about my experience and talk about the benefits acquired during the training session. Finally, I will write a little conclusion where I will summarize my report.



Presentation of the institution:

The British Workshop Language center in Casablanca has been serving its students for the last 3 years. Its specialty is EFL training, and its teachers offer high quality courses in English language instruction. Their professional and friendly staff is ready to answer to any question you want to ask about their center and its programs. Whether you need General English, Business English, international test coaching, or private tutoring, English for specific purposes (tourism, medicine, business, etc.), and of course general English grouped separately by age : children, juniors, and adults we respond to your needs at reasonable rates.

Here is the hierarchical organization of British Workshop, I would also like to underline that the managing director also gave us courses that were very pleasant and fun.

[pic 3]

Organization and progress of the courses:

The duration of the training was of 5 weeks, during which we studied for 25 hours a week, generally from 9 am to 4 pm with an hour break in-between.

The total amount was of 100 hours, composed of business English, grammar and vocabulary courses.

Each course had its own teacher, with his own personality and way of work that permitted us to have a kind of change thus, killing the boredom.

We began with an English introduction, permitting each teacher to know our level, we did a lot of comprehension exercises, various presentations where we chose a subject each, it was very interesting.

Ms. Wafaa specialty was communication, she permitted us to express ourselves, giving our opinion about every subject, listening to what every one of us had to say.

The overall of the classes was very relaxed, that is why everybody enjoyed them, even if the schedule was a bit overwhelming by the end of the session.

In addition to our learning, we had the opportunity to discover new cultures through the presentations, and also by meeting students from other cities such as Marrakech or Fes, studying at the same institution which is HEM.

Our group was composed of 16 students, some of which we didn’t know before, they made our experience better, knowing everyone’s point of view about every subject we treated.

All the courses where given on a printed support that we kept, which was very interesting because we always could re-read our courses at home or prepare a subject beforehand.


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