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Rapport sur le stage

Internship made at Carline Truck International

From July 9th to September 14 2012

Assistant sales manager

Year 2011-2012

Iseg Business School




I. The Company

1. Overview of the company

2. Distribution of the company Personnel

3. Products offered

4. Customers and competitions

5. Suppliers

II. The Internship

1. The purpose of the Internship

2. Personnal reflections

III. Conclusion


I want to firstly thank, the entire teaching staff of ISEG Business school and the people responsible for my professional training provided for the theoretical part of it.

I also thank Mr. David Sangwa sales manager of Carline Truck International for his help and advice given during the various follow-on missions mentioned in this report. I especially want to thank him for the trust, his role as guardian of the time I spent throughout this period knowing answer all my questions.

I would particularly like to thank and express my gratitude to the following people for rewarding and full of interest that made me live for the duration of my internship:

Sir Arthur, logistics manager for its hospitality and the confidence he could give me upon my arrival in the company as well as many trips between the company and its stores.

Madam Elizabeth, head of marketing for guiding me in my shady missions to the occurrence

Finally, I wish to thank all the employees of the companies always available and caring which made me discover each position despite their use of time booked.


From July 9, 2012 to September 14, 2012, I completed an internship within the company Carline International Truck located at 39 Boulevard Bischoffshein in Brussels as an assistant sales manager. Within the sales department, I was able to focus on the negotiations with customers as well as running a sale until the signature.

The course is organized to discover the world of work, its functioning, its activities and objectives. It allows to broaden students knowledge and to help themgain a working method from theory to practice.

Therefore, the practice of training is a necessity to assert success in the professional field, it allows to measure the gap between the theoretical study acquired at school and study practice gained in the business.

The purpose of this report is to present the internship I have done in CARLINE INTERNATIONAL TRUCK for three months as part of the training within ISEG. This report describes the context of the mission that was entrusted to me as well as scripts. Finally, this report presents an overview of the mission and course evaluation.

II. The company

1. Overview of the company

Carline truck International is a private company founded in 2008 and specialized in the purchase and sale of new and used transportation equipment in Belgium including Brussels and Antwerp.

The company's offices are located in Brussels and Antwerp, but it also has three warehouses in the Flemish Region in the province of Limbour.

Carline truck is an International business with big authority and market share in the sector of buying and selling of both new used vehicles.

Since its creation, Carline truck delivers hundreds of vehicles and equipment worldwide mainly in Africa, Asia and Europe.

The team is mainly composed of employees who can speak at least three languages including French, Dutch and English as well as Spanish and German.

Carline truck does not keep his fame only on the sale but also on the comprehensive service offered to customers

The import export service takes care of the supply and delivery of orders. So it takes in charge of the demand of all export documents, the entire boat or air transport and door-to-door.

Its main mission is to ensure peace and serenity to his customer while taking charge of all the administrative procedures as well as those for export.

The company also works closely with businesses of express mail service such as DHL, Fedex, UPS to allow customers to receive all documents in record time and safely.

3. Staff distribution within the company

Carline Truck International is a small company composed with five people at his headquarters in Brussels but also has two people in its office in Anvers and six people for its warehouses. At his headquarters in Brussels, Carline truck International has the following people:

1. A general manager: who is responsible of all areas. That means that he oversees the marketing, sales as well as the logistics firm.

2. A sale manager: he is responsible


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