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Parler De Son Stage En Anglais

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The internship (where,when, how long ? how you chose / found the company )

National Centre for Art and Culture Georges Pompidou

Image pole = graphic design studio of the museum

Partnerships and communication department

during six week ago

I had a meeting to present my work

Paris - 4th district - «Hôtel de ville» subway station

The company (type of activity, size, production, customers )

Customer is the Museum or other museums who are in collaborattion with the Pompidou center

Publication design for magazines

Promotional posters


Sign and wayfinding systems

Promotional literature

Interactive media

Web design

Organization of performances


Your activities ( Tasks, creations, tools )

I made Promotional posters

I made Publication design for magazines

I realized brochures for sponsor research

I worked on Software on computer

I realized press kits for various services such as the pole press

I participated to poster printing in printing work

Working conditions ( working hours, human relationship, problems , difficulties )

I worked seven hours per day

from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm with an hour to eat

I had to show good listening and anatical skills

I had to be organized and self disciplinated

work was often the same

I heard very well with the team

Detail one particular task ( demand, choice, medium, how you did it , tools , what did it look like?)

I created a promotional poster for an evenment : performing art

I worked primarily on the computer

I made sketches and layouts before starting on the computer to get approval by my boss

It was a work based on photographs of shows that I had layout with customized text

I made several propositions with different photographs

This work has requested me most of my time



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