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Rapport De Stage En Anglais BTS PMEI

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I am Magalie Jankowski. I am doing a 2 year course to become a personal assistant for small and medium sized companies

I found my placement thanks to my father.

I did my work placement at Chauff’ Artois, a small company located in Liévin, near Lens.

I worked there between 3 February and 14 February, between 10 March and 4 April.

The manager is Yves Jacquemaire and the company has 23 employees.

Chauff’ Artois was started up in 1987 by Joseph Alaimo. It specializes in heating devices, air conditioning, plumbing and boiler.

Their customers are other companies locally in Nord Pas de Calais.

The suppliers are Atlantic, PUM Plastique, Van Marcke…

My supervisor was Jonathan, in charge of the department of administration. He was helpful and friendly with me.

During my internship, I do various administrative tasks for the company such as:

- Answering phone calls

- Sending mails

- Typed letters

- Filing

- Invoicing

My project: The security assessment document

I chose my own project for the company. I have put in place the security assessment document because it doesn’t exist.

It is mandatory, the boss can have euros 1 500 fine.

I took different activities:

I have identified work unit.

I did a questionnaire on the various risks.

I asked these questions to the employees during an interview.

I classified the risks according to their gravity and their frequency.

My personal impressions

I found the experience useful because it’s a good opportunity to put into practice what I learn at school.

This work placement was for me a good professional experience and the opportunity to see what working in a company is like.

Thanks to this placement, I now feel more competent and autonomous.

I was satisfied my training period, and I was satisfied with my project but I am sure the company will use it.

I would like to thanks Jonathan Alaimo for allowing me to do my internship in the company Chauff’ Artois and help to do my project.


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