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3 Boulevard Saint-Denis

75 003 PARIS

Mrs Lallemand

Galliéra Museum (réserves)

57 bis, Rue Servan

15 March 2013

Dear Mrs Lallemand,

I am writing to you in the hope that you may be able to offer me work experience between May and June this year. I am currently at the beginning of a 2 years technical degree of fashion, in Duperré Superior School of Applied Arts. I would like to join the Galliera Museum in order to realize my intern – ship, from the 13th May to the 30th June 2013. I would be willing to work without payment as the most important thing for me is to gain experience.

I think it would be very beneficial for me to have the opportunity to work in your museum because this intern – ship could enable me to carry out my project. The Galliera Museum corresponds with my expectations, because it gathers my two main interests: art history and fashion. During this year, I acquired skills that I would like to reinvest in the reserve collections department at Servan.

I plan to continue my studies with an art history course, so I am particularly interested in museography, pieces of work’s management and collections’ conservation. I would especially like to make checking and archiving activities, in order to assist the curator.

Very available and adaptable, I am open to other tasks like computerizing the collection. However, if it cannot be possible, I could be useful in the simplest operations in preventive restoration like the use of dummies or the dedusting. Extremely motivate and eager to learn, my school background reveals a certain versatility and adaptability that I would apply in your institution.

I enclose my resume which precise more my profile. You can contact me by mail ( or by phone at 06-35-22-48-28.

Thank you for considering my letter,

Sincerely yours,

Garance Salaün


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