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My internship

I founded my internship with the help of one of my teacher. Indeed, I was gave a phone number, so I called and they accorded me an interview. And after the interview I became the company’s new trainee.

I spent my training period during [durée du stage] on [nom ed l’entreprise]. It is situated [adresse]. The company is specialised [activités de l’entreprise]. It is a SME (Small Medium enterprise) with a turnover of [CA]. It has[les diver metiers].

The company’s premises [les machines de l’entreprises].

On my first day I was a little bit nervous because it was the first time I carried out an internship. My schedules time were 9 am to 4 pm, but the company’s schedules are 8 am to 5 pm. So on the Monday [date] I was in front of the company exactly at 9 am. I took a little breath and I enter to the company. So then my adventure began.

I was gave an office [endroit] , my supervisor was [function et nom]. She welcomed me so kindly that my nervousness gone.

I was mainly in charge of classifying client invoices and answering the phone when my supervisor wasn’t there. To make it, I practice what I learned at school, like for classifying invoices I made a client follow-up table, and to answer the phone I created a form call.

I was also able to welcome and inform the clients who came to the company. To act professionally I had read again my lesson who talks about “how to receive a client” before welcoming clients. Furthermore, I made estimates and invoices. To complete this task I was helped by my supervisor because their way to create estimates and invoices only belongs to the company.

This experience abled me firstly to practice what I learned at school. By doing the tasks I felt so useful for the company. I made believe myself that I was a real personal assistant. So I took some pleasure to make it. Moreover, this internship helped me be more organized and answering the phone helped me to overcome my shyness. Furthermore, the managers and workers were very helpful and they made me felt at ease.

To conclude, my internship was an enriching experience and it unabled me to understand how a company works. I can’t wait for my next internship to practice what I learn at school. I really began to understand the personal assistant work.


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