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2 Allée JACQUOT – Ligne des Paradis – Industrial area N° 2- 97410 – Saint - Pierre

My name

I am a student in technical sales. Last year I studies mechanical engineering and I graduated from High School.

I chose to study this course because I like technology and as I said before, I studied technology and I wanted to acquire business training too.

So this course will be a good start for me because I could gain experience acquire new knowledge, learn many things that will be really useful later. It is also an opportunity for me to learn a new language Chinese.

After two years of study, I would like to continue my studies to get a technical sales degree to acquire more knowledge and experiences.

After the first training period, I had to change companies because the one where I was before was not suitable for a technical sales project.

Then, I found a company thanks to my friend who told me about this company.

I called the company and we agreed to an appointment.

During this interview, the boss of the company asked me questions about my motivations, why his company chose etc… subsequently, he accepted my application.

The company where I did my work placement is called LOCAMAT PRO. It was created in 2007.

It is located in Saint pierre in the industrial area, at the following addressIt’s a family company.

It’ consists of: my tutor who is also the manager, a secretary, an employee in charge in the customers and rental contracts, a technical.

LOCAMAT PRO has for competitors:



In terms of their market position, LOCA BAIE is the leader in the sector.

MACOBAT and LOCAMAT PRO are similar in terms of structure, turnover and sales.

In terms of customers, LOCAMAT PRO has a professional customer and a little private individual customer.

Over of customers are professional, who come essentially of construction and road works professionals.

But of customers are private individuals.

LOCAMAT PRO gets supplies from CATOI, DMP and NERF.

These companies are all located on the island.


LOCAMAT PRO rents out:

- Construction equipment

- Landscaping

- Demolition

For example: hedge trimmers, tillers, roller compressors, backhoes, mini excavators, generators, vibrating plate compactors, pneumatic drills

The rental price depends on the machine, the length of rental and homeowners and professionals. Homeowners receive a 10 % discount.

The product which will be part of my project will be the cherry picker RENAULT MAXITY VT 55 NE.

Working height: 18.80 m

Offset work: 8.50 m

Rotation: 360 °


When I came for the first time in this company, I was impressed by the variety of equipment. But soon my tutor put me at ease, he introduced me to the team, then he showed me my office.

I got a computer to do my work and my research.

During my placement various activities were given to me:



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