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Rapport De Stage En Anglais

Dissertation : Rapport De Stage En Anglais. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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My 2-year-course included 6 weeks work experience. Indeed, I worked in Chadog as a personal assistant from May 21st to June 25th.

Finding a work placement was a bit difficult because I sent a CV and a letter in support of application to a lot of companies, and I only received a few answers. So I decided to call several companies and found my work placement a month before its beginning.

Presentation of the company

Chadog Diffusion is a wholesaler and a producer of food products and accessories for pets, especially dogs, for professional. This company is located in Aytré and employs 49 people.

My first day in the company

First of all, on my first day in the company, I arrived at 9 am and I went to my supervisor’s office. His name is Patrick Rambaut. He was very helpful and patient. All morning, he introduced me to the personnel and he presented me the different services. After that, I went for lunch from 12 m to 2 pm. Then, in the afternoon, I worked in the administrative service and the secretary, Caroline, showed me what her work consist in. Finally, I went back home at 6 pm.

My tasks

In the next couple of weeks, I carried out several tasks like answering the phone calls of clients who wanted to place an order. Indeed, I worked as a switchboard, and when a customer called, I tooke h


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