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Rapport De Stage Banque Anglais

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Rapport de stage au sein d’un organisme bancaire presentation orale DUT TC 1ere année anglais LV1

I worked in three Crédit Agricole’s branches. The most important things those last time was to be able to adapt myself I was in the front office and I had a lot of contact with the customers, it required of me to have a professional behavior, it forced me to keep calm and not to let show my stress in front of customers. I also spent some time in the back office in the vault , it is necessary to be very attentive in all our jobs because it is about the customers' money. You should make no mistakes. It includes a lot of responsibilities, like to pay in, to pay out , to do money transfer(national or international) . I had to be sure that every transactions are secured and in confirmation with bank requirements. Any error could cause some cost, which are not really liked by our consumers which are really demanding. To conclude this training period shows to me the world of the work and allowed me to appreciate the banking environment in which I wish to continue for two years more.


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