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Espace et échanges: What are the different aspects of tourism ?

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This notion deals with the géographical an d symbolic areas that all societies occupy and the interaction between men and  different societites, Our world is built on the exploration and conquest of new spaces, The different cultural, economies, sociological and language interactions have shapped and characterized pur modern day world.

What's the different aspect of tourism ?  Firstly iwill speak about the tourism, the mass tourism and responsable tourism, in a second time i'll speak about the slum tourism and thirdly about the space tourism.

For beginning, why peaple travel and go to holidays ? There  are many reasons to justify tourism trade. For exemple some people travel for ther job like scientifist with expedition in inoccupade spaces like antartic or the deep africa but the economics job to, economists leave in a specific business. We can go in other countries for our studies and for discover a new lifestyle or learn a new language. Howewer we can travel for relaxing and having fun to. There are  two types of tourist apear : The “traditional tourist”, he goes in  “traditional spaces” like beatch or capital and other big cities. This peaple go in this spaces  because it's accessible and not expensive, it's by default or so because they want to go in this landscape. But this tourism is very dangerous for environment, when  many of people go in a same place, we call this the mass tourism. Like sheldrake , i hated mass tourism, that destroy environment and drain planet's ressources . It's in the texte from Paradise News and written by David Lodge : “I hated holidays”. This text is about sheldrake, a student in tourism, who explains why mass tourism is harmfull to the planet. Fortunately, a lot of another tourism excited for fight against the negativ aspect of the tourism. Indeed, we can quote the responsable tourism or ecotourism or even the green tourism. It's the fact to leave on travel and trying to less only positiv aspect for the environment, the culture and economy. The second type of tourist it's the “tourist who is oppen ” , he leaves in different spaces and goes in holidays for discover new contries, new life style , new culture. They leave in a space with not many of peaple. In  this category, if we can speak about category, their is a lot of different types of  holidays. Their is sport tourism, going in mountain, for exemple, and doing ski, ramble and so on. There is medical tourism, cyclotourism to and some are stranger like dark tourism, that consited to go to a space which evoqued death like Tchernobyl. An other tourism existed of course and some are controversed.

The Slum tourism is very controversed because it's scandalous. The slum tourism or ghetto tourism consisted to visit the Slum. A Slum is a type of village but the people who leave in , are very poor and they live whit miserable conditions. A many of ghettos are located in Africa, South  America and Asian. That began in 19th  century in London and Manhattan. This tourism is very unethical . It's voyurism and exploitative. When you are very poor and you live in a slum, you don't want people, mainly the rich peaple, visiting your ghettos, take photos, and take avantage of his poverty to have fun and make their activities. Howewer some peaple think Slum tourism help for the development. Some NGOs   organize visits and return the benefit to the inhabitants. For exemple in Indonezie, an organisation return half of benefit to the organisation and the rest is used to pay the doctors and for build school. But some NGOs no agree with that because we can't expose the inhabittants like a monkey in a zoo. Of the size of the inhabittant some one accepte that and love to the people find to look their life conditions. After this experience, it can push people to help the inhabittants and go to humanitarian organization.


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