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Idea of progress: what are the evolutions of today?

Cours : Idea of progress: what are the evolutions of today?. Recherche parmi 296 000+ dissertations

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Idea of progress

Introduction : I am going to talk about the notion of idea of progress.

The idea of progress can be defined as an improvement – a technical, scientific or social advance which contributes to making the world a better place. That is why, the world and the society can evolve positively in therms of sciences, technology, modernization, living condition, etc. But the progress can be view in terms of social, for example the situation of women's American in USA was very bad some years ago while today everybody have the same right. We can ask ourselves what are the evolutions of today? To answer this question I will present the situation of women’s arbitrator, then i will present the progress of the school.

I) Women’s arbitror

The document presented is a report in which women are interviewer

The women began to arbitrate like men. At the beginning, they are criticized, some players are against them. However, his women will not give up, on the contrary. They represent the dream of women, it is an honor for them to exercise this profession. This example is an advance for women who want to have the same right as men. However, it remains difficult for a woman to be respected by others in this trade.

II) The school is an example of progress

The second document comes from a blog. He talks about a special university. The school is an example of progress because it offers something different for these students. There is a strong focus on STEM skills. They do 6 years of studies instead of 4, the two in addition are the ones for which leave with a diploma to associate. But what is most innovative is the meter has the key, which is a novelty. Every student at Sarah E. Goode STEM academy graduates with promise of 40000 dollars plus opportunity at IBM, the school’s corporate partner and a key developer of the curriculum. The student are not screened for entrance student called innovators.

Conclusion : Through the first document there is a progress of equality between men and women which is appreciated however. And through the second document, there is a progress of modernizations in schools from multiple innovations.


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