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What are the origins of Reggaes ? Where ? When ? How ?

Dissertation : What are the origins of Reggaes ? Where ? When ? How ?. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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What are the origins of Reggaes ? Where ? When ? How ?

Reggae appeared in the late 1960s in Jamaica and could refers to a poorly dressed person and at most a prostitute. This style of music has mixed origins. It derives from different types of Jamaican music such as Ska born in the early 1960s, Rocksteady born around 1966, Mento born in the late 19th century and Calypso. It was born in a context of strong competition between small music producers.

Reggae's style of music is constantly being blended ! It is taken up, integrated or inspires new styles of music. We can say that Reggae is now a universal music. Its principal representative is Bob Marley, known as the greatest reggae singer or even one of the greatest artists of the 20th century.

What are the topics of Reggae Songs ?

Reggae songs are often about relationships, love, religion, peace, sexuality, injustice and poverty. Its subjects are very diverse ! The Reggae style of music is widely used to denounce and criticize. For example, in a few songs, lyrics attempt to raise the listeners' political awareness by informing them about controversial subjects such as apartheid (racial segregation) or through criticizing materialism. Sociopolitical subjects are also dealt with in reggae songs such as anti-colonialism, anti-racism or anti-capitalism.

Further more, many lyrics show the belief and the traditions of rastafarianism!

What is rastafarianism ?

When we talk about Rastafarianism, most of the people only think about dreadlocks and Bob Marley’s songs but it isn’t only this.

Rastafarianism is a religious movement that teaches redemption of blacks, allow the use of marijuana, forbids the cutting of haire and think that Haile Selassie would be the messiah, the second coming of Christ. This word was used around 1938.

The Rastafari movement takes the bible as its sacred text and when they smoke cannabis while reading Bible, it is considered as a spiritual act. Rastafarianism has never been a highly organised religion, and many Rastas see it more as a culture or way of life.


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