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Myths and heroes : what are the different types of heros?

Fiche : Myths and heroes : what are the different types of heros?. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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Myths and heroes

The subject of my presentation will be myths and heroes. First of all, I would like to give a brief definition of the notion.

a heroe, can be real, someone we admire, or fictional, coming from a movie, a book, a story ...

what are the different types of heros?

I chose to talk about different heroes. At first, I

 talk about a fictional hero, Harry Potter, and then I'll talk about of Nelson Mandela, and, I can speak about of Lance Amstrong too.

to begin Harry Potter 

Is fictional character from a book and movies of J.K. Rowling. Is a popular wizard orphan, and he survived a mortal spell.

Harry and his friends, Hermione G. and Ron W. are students at the Hogwarts School, a school of wizard.

The main story concerns harry's war against the dark wizard, Lord Voldemort.

At the end, the winner of the war is Harry.

Harry is a heroes because is courageous, and he sacrificed himself to save others.

Then Nelson Mandela

Is a black politician born on 18 july 1918, and he is died on 5 december 2012  , he was the president of South Africa.

he fought for the rights of blacks, against white domination.

Arrest, imprisonment, hard labor, Mandela at all sudden, but never gave up for human race egality.

After 27 years in prison and after refusing to be released, he leaves prison on February 11, 1990.

He also fought against a poverty and diseases. It's a real hero for population now, and mostly for the blacks.

Nelson Mandela is a very couragous person, because he risked his life and he defended his ideas.

To finish Lance Armstrong

Is a americain cyclist, champion of the world in 1993, he is a winner seven times in a row in the “Tour de France”, and it's a record!

It's a sport heroes for a lot person, but, he lost his records in 2012 following the discovery of his many cheats. Indeed, he used illegal substance, called drugs or doping.

But, he had cancer, and to create an association against cancer and supports the sick. So, it's a heroes dishonest but he did something heroic.

So, it exists differnent types of heroes. There is a heroes courageous as harry potter or nelson mandela, or less courageous heroes. There is a heroes real or fictive invented.


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