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What’s the possibily of the regrowth of the Aral Sea ?

Analyse sectorielle : What’s the possibily of the regrowth of the Aral Sea ?. Recherche parmi 298 000+ dissertations

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The Aral sea is located between the border of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. This sea is not a sea it’s a lake. It’s a body of water which opens to the ocean. 5.5million years ago the techtonic plates moved and caused a depression. Before, the Syr Dayra and the Amu Dayra used to flowed into the Aral sea.

Research question:

What’s the possibily of the regrowth of the Aral Sea ?

Why is this place dry? 

One of the reason is the diversion of water from Amu Darya and Syr Darya rivers for purposes of agricultures irrigations. In 1960, the soviet union, who were in the control of the Aral Sea,  decided to put in place a intensive irrigation system to provide water to coton fields. Due to the creation of these cotton fields and the diversion of the two rivers, water flows to the Aral Sea decreased.

Second reason is that due to the intensive heat between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan and the lack of water entering the Aral sea

Since 1961 the level of the Aral sea has been falling (0.45m/year). From the beginning of the 1970s, the decline of the body of water is visible, we observe the increase in salt levels (different according to the topology), the contamination of fish, then their gradual death. In the deltas, cedar woods and reeds are disappearing.

 How can we regrow the Aral Sea

The chances of the complete return of the Aral Sea are very slim, one reason is because, as said before, more than three-quarters of Central-Asia is a desert lowland with no open sea or ocean outlets to be able to receive a sufficient amount of water to sustain the heat. There is also very little rainfall because all of the wind coming from the Indian ocean is blocked by the high Himalayan peaks. Quite simply, high humidity and a high temperature creates high rates of evaporation meaning the chances of the Aral Sea ever returning to its original state is very slim.

To save the Aral Sea it will take a long time to do, maybe even 40 years. It will also be almost impossible, because in order to even prevent the Aral Sea from shrinking anymore it would require a yearly inflow of 30-40 cu km amount of water. The problem is it is impossible to get without damaging regional agricultural production.

The first step is the most important, it’s to fill the gaps made by the irrigations used for cotton fields. Like that the water of the two rivers can flow again into the Aral Sea.

The second step to regrow the Aral Sea, will be to improve the soil by rehydrating the earth with specific machines and plant new trees, bushes to recreate a vegetation so people could live in it.

For the hight salinity in the water we can put in place a huge water softener to make the water less salty like that fish could live in the water. But another important thing is that the water is very pollued due to the trades.

One possibility to regrow the Aral Sea could be to place a civilisation. Villages with animals and cultures.


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