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The Idea of Progress : In what way, India is a country of progress ?

Étude de cas : The Idea of Progress : In what way, India is a country of progress ?. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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The notion I am going to deal with is about « The Idea of Progress ». The Idea of Progress can be defined as an improvement, a development or a change (technical, scientific or social advance) which contribute to making the world a better place.

India,is now the largest democracy in the world. After a long period of poverty and financial difficulties, India is now growing. With around 1,2 billion inhabitants, this country is the second most populated country. This booming / thriving country rich of diversities, hasn't developed the same way everywhere in its territory. Traditions still remain in India, the world's largest democracy, which had to cope to the inequalities and try to reduce them.

In what way, India is a contry of progress in two time ?

We are going to show that first, India is a contry of devellopement with modern aspect.Then, in a second step, we are going to talk about the other side of the coin, and show The numerous inequalities in India as well as the disparity between the social class

On the one hand, India is an emerging country, an emerging power. The country has chosen to develop its economy by means of industry and more particulary with techology. In the audio report, « High-tech cities », A business woman eplain that India,With a fast-changing economy thanks to the fast development of the sector of the high technology. its GDP grows at an annual rate of 8 % for several years. And there is some cities spécialised in new technologies like Gurgaon.

However, India remain attached to her culture, that why le pays get stucks between “ the new India” and “ the old India”. On the poster “Hindu God Ganesh going hi-tech”,we can see contrast between traditional culture and new technologies. We can see the same contrastin the illustration “ India on the mowe”, in the foreground, we can see women with tranditional clothes (Sarhi), and traditinnal famillies (2 childrens). But in the background of the poster, we can see building, and modern dressed man.

India must find the rigth balance between his economic devellopment and his culture therewith preserved their indenity.

On the other hand, India has to face difficulties to reduce inequity between people.

First,The girls in India aren't welcoming like boys because of traditions which impose to the girl family to give dowry when they get their girl maried. Therefore, poor famillies refuse to have baby girl. So them pregnant wowen are forced to abort or to kill the baby at birth. Today, India realized the extent of the situation and makes awarness campaign.

Secondly, there are many disparity between the different social class. The dalit are the most poor part of the population in India, but today the goverment try to help them thanks to microcredit, indeed poor Indian can today borrow money therewith open a little shop. It gives them an opportunity to change there life.

To conclude, today, India is a emerging country with an economy focused on new technology. But much remains to delete inequality within the contries. Indeed, this rapid growth strenghtened the gap between the social class in addition, India has to face to a major anenvironemental issue : the waste treatment.


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