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Spaces and forms of power: what is the legitimacy to Gender Equality within the different powers?

Dissertation : Spaces and forms of power: what is the legitimacy to Gender Equality within the different powers?. Recherche parmi 298 000+ dissertations

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For a long time the police ruled out the women of its offices and its cigars, just like the army took them away from its weapons and the economy of its figures. Women would be too fragile to smoke, too maternal to know how to defend her country, too stupid to handle figures. All these prejudices have disappeared, but today, what is the legitimacy to Gender Equality within the different powers? In a first time, we will see that same rights should help us to have the same access. In a second time we will see the will to change things and to be listened to.

I. Same rights for same access

1. Political power

Nowadays, most countries which are modern and developed extol parity. But I don't think that a woman who asks to access to the same responsibilities as a man, not necessarily asks for the parity. In fact, skills have to be more important than parity, in the heart of a government particularly.

2.Military power

In the case of the army, I want to talk about entering to military schools. I think that men and women should have the same sports exam for example. As woman, I also should have the possibility to be graded as easily as a man.


Nowadays, more particularly in high offices, it's difficult to conciliate private life with professional life as a woman. In France we have the right of maternity leave, but it is not the case everywhere. Whereas a man can do twice a time, by default, a woman is often constrained to privilege her family life. A woman has to choose between these two different lives. Furthermore, we have to know that 30 000 women in the United Kingdom lose their jobs due to pregnancy per year.

II. Will to change things and to be listened to

1. Power thanks to the media

Today, any person who wants to have power can have access to it. At different levels, these women that I am about to talk all have power.

Kim Lee, who was an unknown person, has been abused by her own husband, like millions of other women all around the world. She has suffered of violent actions. Finally, Kim Lee has opened new way to women in China. She has protested a problem which was not known by population and authorities and continues to talk about her experience. But what we have to know is that this Chinese woman came out thanks to the media, more particularly through social networks.

2. Political power

There still a long way to go to recognize and legitimate women's access to power in many countries. But we can take the example of Margaret Thatcher or Hillary Clinton, two women who have fought for their ideas until they have been recognized. The vision of many countries have progressed; today it is conceivable to a woman to be on the top of a nation which was not the case several years ago.



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