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Spaces and exchanges : what is the impact of Brexit for both the EU and the UK ?

Dissertation : Spaces and exchanges : what is the impact of Brexit for both the EU and the UK ?. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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I’m going to talk about the notion “Spaces and Exchanges”. First of all, I would like to give a definition of the notion : an Exchange is an act of giving and receiving something else in return. It can also be seen as a continuous movement or circulation. There are different kinds of exchanges : media, people, trade… To illustrate the notion, I have chosen to talk about a recently phenomen who is the Brexit, "Brexit" is the abbreviation of "British Exit", which refers to the UK's exit from the European Union. We can wonder to

What is the impact of Brexit for both the EU and the UK?

We will focus in a first part on the relationship between the EU and Brexisters, then in a second part we see these consequences.


It’s been two years since England left the EU. 51% of voters voted for the withdrawal of their country from Europe. Brexit could tie up the EU and give it a new lease of life: its exit may encourage other states to move forward. For others, the Brexit would be a disaster announced: by losing one of its three major powers that is also an international financial center, the EU could only weaken and sink. For illustrate that the document of David Parkins, is a caricature who represents two people in the foreground. A woman and a man are driving on the round. The road is divided in two, a safe and a dangerous one. Indeed, it’s full of obstacles. We can assume that they have already choser their way. Since there is the british flag on the bottom, it can be a methaphor.

What’s more,

The brexiters blamed the UE became of their program do not correspond to England, blamed to the EU became of the len of independant, furthmore blamed the EU for accepting to many immigrants.

He sees Brexit as the solution to the problem that the EU is creating. As Theresa May tells us through her speech on the referuntum of 2016. That it helped raise England and its people having control over money, the economy and their power. Bearing in mind that it will go out as it was wanted and will be one country and one nation.


It is important to highlight the role of the EU for the British. According to the article "Brexit leaves UK vulnerable to invasive alien species and diseases, Lord warn". After the brexit the UK will no longer automatically by part of the system, the EU used to protect british wildlife a new house of Lords, in conclusion of this article the House of lords EU Energy and environment committee has urged the gouvernment to maintain as close a relationship with the EU on biosecurity as possible.


The consequence of the brexit is likely to have a strong impact on the British but also European population. It may happen after Brexit in UK, the desire to want to keep in touch with EU, may not have enough money to continue the research, the british wild life will be affected and the EU who won’t pay anymore for UK’s security.


on the EU side brexit is no more advantageous, EU has a progress to protect European countries from diseases and the importation of some species that would contribues


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