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If music reflects the mood of an age, what can you say about music of today?

Dissertation : If music reflects the mood of an age, what can you say about music of today?. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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If music reflects the mood of an age, what can you say about music of today?

We have been playing music since the Ancient Times, but music has always had a different meaning depending upon ages, places, and generations.

For example, the Greek’s and Roman’s music had a divine and beneficial dimension, while in some Native American civilization it had some evil power.

But whatever the age, for the Eurasian people, music cannot be disconnected from poetry and dancing. Even some philosophers thought it has a balancing role between earth and heaven.

Firstly, let’s define “music of today”.

When we speak about “music of today”, at first I think about “hit songs” but on second thought I realize that there is not one definition, but many of them: the music of today include a wide range of musical aesthetics. Jazz and improvised music, traditional and classical music and amplified music (rock, pop, electro, reggae etc…).

This is due to globalization! Nowadays, there are so much different ethnic groups, cultures and lifestyles within a country, even just in a city or a district, which it influences on the music. Furthermore, the current music varies from one style to another, but on average all over the world the most popular songs are the pop-songs, which are joyful, dynamic and melodic.

Most of the hit music stars share a number of issues in their songs: subjects as interpersonal relationships or friendship, feelings, and life. They all describe the same things; purpose each from their point of view. For example, pop-music shows the death as a tragedy, as the disappearance of those we love; whereas punk music or the rap presents it as the end of an unhealthy existence.

On the one hand, the music at all times speaks about universal emotions, such as love and the desire of being loved. Furthermore, the music has always reflected our desire about discover the world, about testing our limits. (for instance Mozart’s operas, as well as the today’s song “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger”.)

On the other hand, nowadays there is a lot of negative theme in music: loneliness and social pressure, drugs and alcohol addictions, thefts and crimes. Actually, it’s almost the teenagers whose listen to that kind of music (mostly rap song). It is because it reflects what they think. They often feel alone, without any purpose, any plan in their life, for example the hit song “Guilty Conscience”.

As a conclusion, we can say that today’s music is a reflection of our today’s society... in the same way that it has always been.

However, although technologies change, although people change, although ages change; I personally believe that at all age, human moods remain –more or less- the same. So much so that I am wondering, if my mood depends on what I am listening to… thus maybe, today, our mood is just the reflection of the music we are listening to?  -As it is said in the hit song “Stereo Hearts”.-


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