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Idea of progress : to what extent has social life progress over the past century led to an improvement in women's right ?

Dissertation : Idea of progress : to what extent has social life progress over the past century led to an improvement in women's right ?. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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Idea of progress

I'll tell you about the notion of progress.

Progress is the action to go forward, to grow, to be better. For a society or for humanity, progress is changing in the direction of improvement, its gradual transformation towards more knowledge and happiness. There are several kinds of progress that we can distinguish: Social progress, technological progress and scientific progress. The question we can ask is :

To what extent has social progress over the past century led to an improvement in women’s rights?

At the beginning of the XX century, groups of women named Suffragettes. They struggled to reform education, establish rights to property and particularly to voting power .

There was strong resistance in the western world but the tradition, prejudice, and even a sense in some of moral proved difficult to combat. Even so they persisted and using violence actions. Lot of women were emprisoned and condemned. When they were hunger strike but the government ordered force them to eat.

In 1918, the britannic women at the age of 30 can vote and in 1928 totally of women can vote. In France it will be in 1944.

At the middle of the XX century, after the two wars, the woman was replaced as housewife. The woman was a wife, a mom and housekeeper. She is a woman who must devote herself fully to family life: loving wife who must contribute to the blossoming of the couple; Mother attentive to the education, to the happiness, to the success of her children; Housewife who devotes herself fully to domestic activities. In 13 may of 1955 was published, in Housekeeping Monthly dedicated of women, The good wife’s guide. The first regular illustrates the role of housewife : Have dinner ready to have a delicious meal ready, on time for his return. The seventh regular illustrates the role of mother : prepare the children. Take a few minutes to wash the children and changes their clothes. The ninth regular illustrates the role of wife : be happy to see him. Great him with a warm smile and show sincerely in your desire to please him.

In effect, the women must be at the service of her husband and her children.

But again today, the women aren’t equal of men as the movie « bend it like Beckham ». This is story of Jess, she dreams of football and her idol David Beckham. She plays football with her friend Tony, in despair of her mother who would like that she prepares to marry a man of her comunity. Jules, a young english, discovers Jess who playing football. Jules’s mom doesn’t like this sport, overly masculin for her. And Jess’s mom prohibits to play. But she plays in secrets.

In this family, the Indian’s traditions are strictly respected. The principals activities of the personage are to know cooking the traditional dish, doing household, do shopping for girls. And tinkering, reading the newspaper or playing football for men. And not the opposite. But Jess and Joe are not feminine. They wear sneakers, joggings, and plays football. They are upsetting the stereotypes and expectations of their parents and society today

In conclusion, the women are progressed over a century. They had struggled for their rights, after that they were dictated how to


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