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What are the impacts/avantages and drawbacks of social networks on our future life ?

Discours : What are the impacts/avantages and drawbacks of social networks on our future life ?. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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Today I am going to talk about social networks. A social network is a website or an application which is free, you just have to give your personnal informations. It’s a way of communication and to be close to people. So what are the impacts/avantages and drawbacks of social networks on our future life ?

To illustrate the notion of Porgress, we studied in class the theme of Facebook, and the person who have a facebook page. So we will see the avantages of social networks on our future life. Then, we will see the limits of progress in the drawbacks of social networks on our future life.

Teenagers of today are the « Google Generation » : they are the young people born after 1993 (nineteen ninety tree). Compared to the adults, when they use internet, they are quicker to do research, open twice as many pages ect.. But these young people are more impatient, and not very self confident about what they find out.

Today we will focus on facebook. Facebook includes eight undred million users. The Americans spend a quarter of there time on social networks and blogs. It was created by Marc Zuckerberg in 2004 (two thousand four).It was a revolution, a new way of communicating with others. James, from « l’étudiant », says that everyone is jumping on the Facebook bandwagon : politicians, newspapers, charity, older people, ect.. So it’s a very open-minded social network. Now, people can keep in touch with friends and family when they can’t have a real contact (for example when they are in a gap year in the other side of the planet) ; they can share photos and videos, arrange parties and events. James says too that social networking sites have also taken over from pubs and nightclubs as the most popular place to find love : one in four British people are dating, or have dated someone they met on a social networking site. So we can say that social network help people to meet others people, it’s also quicker than in real life. In an interview with the problematic «are social networking site a threat to our private lives »,a first women says that it’s not a threat to our private life, but Facebook has to be used intelligently. It’s a way to express yourself : between a computer you can talk easier, and say thinks that you have never dare to say before.

So Facebook is a great way of communication, it’s a big progress in the history. But Facebook doesn’t have only avantages… Indeed, the biggest worry about Facebook is the privacy : you have to give your personnal informations and these informations become public. Facebook has many and many negative points. James, from « l’étudiant », says that Facebook reduce levels of face to face contact and actually isolates people, rather than bring them together. Doctor Sigman quoted in an article of the Daily Mail, that this isolation could increase the risk of serious health problems. James also talks about  our friend in Facebook, he says that Facebook friends are ofter, in reality, friends of friends or people met briefly at a party. There is as well the problem for the employers : if what they see in our facebook page doesn’t suit them, they can sacked us from our job or simply don’t hire us. Facebook is a great colonizer of time. For it, says a women in an interview, we have to use facebook intelligently, because we are too focused on it and that can influence on our school work. They can have fakes accounts, bullying, and you can be enrolled.


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