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The idea of progress : In what way can we say that the workplace will be evolved in the future?

Fiche : The idea of progress : In what way can we say that the workplace will be evolved in the future?. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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Hello, my name is Bruno Kubiak

The notion I’m going to deal with is the idea of progress. To begin I’m going to give a definition of the idea of progress.

The word "progress" derives from the Latin "progressus" and suggests an improvement, a development or a change – a technical, scientific or social advance which contributes to making the world better. The progress allows the development of the society and the mentality. I would like to focus on the topic the new workplaces 

PROBLEMATIQUE: In what way can we say that the workplace will be evolved in the future?

To illustrate this notion, I have chosen (un nombre) documents.


In class we study a picture, a comics picture that represent a man who work at home. We conclude work at home is not the better evolved of the workplaces because despite we have a lot of positive point such as:

  • Get up later and organized your schedule
  • Take a break when we want
  • Being less stressed
  • More time with our family

We have much negative point because when we want to work at home we always have a distraction (our children / a pet / a person who ring the doorbell). We are less productive but if we are alone, a student, a young worker with less child, less woman it will be a good solution to work at home because we can devote at our job all our time.


The second document that I want to tell you is an article from the online newspaper “THE HUFFINGTON POST” entitled “The future of Coworking” and was written by Amanda Schnelder and post in 2016 (two thousand sixteen)

This article talks about a new workplace, it’s like a library or a gym we can take a subscription to come at this place and we can work quietly. The concept is if one person has a problem for example with his computer he can ask help for free to a person who work at same time and is an informatician. It’s a mix as an office and work at home.


The last document that I choose is a video who explain the New York Facebook office. On first we can see in this video a big open space where the employee’s offices are. They all have the same desk as Mark Zuckerberg their boss. In the building we can found a lot of room that are dedicated to take a break relaxing and enhance the imagination of employees like as the music room where the they can relax themselves and play music. We also have a coffee bar and a cafeteria who make a homemade food. The building is like a big house and the employees are like a big family.

To conclude in a little time lapse the workplaces have evolved a lot and we can’t imagine how and where we will work in the future. Maybe we will not work anymore and the robots will have replaced us.


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