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What are the new symbols of globalisation

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What are the new symbols of globalisation? In the first part we will see that Singapore has become a symbol of globalization, and then we will see the evolution of the city of London in the eyes of Dickens

I have chosen two documents for illustratring this notion. The first is pictures about the city of singapore and the second is the text of Charles Dickens. The first is Singapore 50 years ago. The city is composed to fishing booats (bateaux de pêche), fisherman houses (maison de pêcheur) and cathedral saint Andrews. The second picture is Singapore today, the city has changed a lot. There is always fisherman houses and Saint Andrews cathedral but there are many skyscrapers(gratte-ciel). Singapore is a gloabal city with the largest companies in the world. This little Asian city-State is a great financial place on the world.(Singapour est une ville globale avec les plus grandes sociétés dans le monde. Cette petite cité-État asiatique est une grande place financière sur le monde). These habitants are rich and many migrants come to Singapore to become rich. It's becomes a fiscal paradise. Singapore has benefit to the globlisatio. In 50 years Singapore is modernized and is now part of globalization. Singapore has become a modern city and has economic, political and cultural influences in the world. Now, will see the evolution of the city of London in the eyes of Dickens In the text of Charles Dickens and by observing the painting of Markino, we notice(remarquons) technologic developments with the beginning(début) of the industrialization in the 19th century. Dickens describes us a city polluted by the coal (charbon)with a thick smoke(épaisse fumée). But this evolution can be dangerous for the health of the people . For example to show(pour montrer) industrialization we see the evolution of means(moyens) of transport between cars, bus and carriage(calèche) horses. Use the railway(utilliser le chenin de fer) to transport merchandises, the Taylorism to the industry. It's a industrial revolution. The United kingdom(Royaume-uni) was very powerful (puissant). London has become an important economic power in globalization

Indeed, since the 1950s, the cities of the world have evolved like London and Singapore and have become a symbol in the globalization. Singapore, the little fisherman city, has become a great State Asian rich. For me the globalization has had a positive impact on some cities because she has caused a major change in their attractiveness. But she creates inequalities and she has a negative impact on the ecology.


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