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Idea of Progress : what are the new progress of science?

Fiche : Idea of Progress : what are the new progress of science?. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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INTRO : I am going to talk about the notion « IDEA OF PROGRESS ». The idea of progess can be defined as an improvement – a technical, scientific or social advance which contributes to making the world a better place. Progress implies changes, some evolution from an old order to a new order.

(I'm talk about progress of science and revolution of technology) we can i just wonder What are the new progress of science ? What kind of revolution we are talking about when it on the technology purpose ?

first of all we can definitely notice that nowadays world and a would say our life are full of new and revolutionary devices, science discoveries.

The professor Hugh Herr, introduced during a TED talk the emerging of biomechatronics, its like a machine that we ''go in'' and it can increase our strength, our abilities... IMPRESSIVE, ISNT? It's called Exo skeleton.

A new science is now happening as well, we can choose the sex of your futur children, its called sex selection. It's a crazy idea to thing that a natural things, like what we are create for, reproduction is now a choice that we can do, but who would do that ? In a way its to go against the choice of Mother Nature .

Seconde of all can we just about the negative or bad consequences or effect about all of those progress. Like for the choice of child's sex or perfect genetics are they gonna go through their choices, like for a transplantation or care someone because of them. They will still be human being with their choice and own beliefs. Doesn't matter how their were born or their parents choose their sex. They are still free to down at they wanna do.

So to some up this idea of progress we can clearly see that nowadays there is obviously a massive technology and science progress but those progress might have some negative consequences on the futur of the sex selection baby.


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