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Places and forms of power: What are the different forms of power in the USA?

Commentaire d'arrêt : Places and forms of power: What are the different forms of power in the USA?. Recherche parmi 298 000+ dissertations

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going to deal with the notion places and forms of power.

First let me quickly define this notion : in politics or social science , it is the ability to influence people's behaviour. In order to live together, members of a community accept rules and laws. This helps create social cohesion but can lead to tension and conflict.

The USA is often called a gun nation for several reasons. The main reason is that in most States in America it's legal to own a firearm as a method of self defense as it is written in the Second Amendment to the US Constitution.

That's why we can ask what the differents forms of power in the USA are.

To illustrate this notion, I choose to speak first about the power of guns then about the nuclear power.

So now let's see the dangerous effects about the power of guns.

Columbine refers to Columbine High School in 1999 in Colorado. Two teenagers who were quite socially isolated, and suffering from a lack of popularity,(virgule) started a fatal shooting at their school.

They killed in cold blood students and teachers to take their revenge. They had an easy access to weapons at their home. Lots of tragedy about gun use happened in America.

Then we talk(ce présent d'habitude ne va pas, prétérit: nous avons parlé en cours, ou futur: nous allons parler de) about the extract from the film Bowling for Columbine from 2002. In once scene, we can see the director of the movie michael Moore. He going(auxiliaire être!!) to a a bank that offers an unusual deal. The bank offers a gun for each customer who opens a bank account . Opening a new bank account means getting a free gun

The customer fills in a form asking questions and if the form is correctly answered the customer can go out right away of the bank with his new firearm.

If a bank wants to attract new clients, the best option is to offer them guns.

We know that American people have the nuclear arms.This type of arms is illustrated in the document "defended to Death". This is a photomontage by Peter Kennard and dates back to 1983.

It represents planet Earth wearing a gas mask. On the left eye the American flag is represented and on the right the English flag. The mouth is full of nuclear missiles.

The nuclear missiles are clearly a reference to the arms race in which the Us and the UK were involved.

The mask may remind us of the Vietnam war. The title might refer to the attitude of the US govemment during this war : because they pretending(prétérit en ed) to defend the Vietnamese people whereas they bombarded the population with this(pluriel) arms.(ils n'ont pas utilisé d'armes atomiques au Vietman, des armes chimiques, des défoliants,...)

The Earth seems to vomit there arms suggesting that enough is enough. And seems to (juste si on rajoute le verbe think ou say)there is(pluriel) too many nuclear weapons which have been uses(participe passé) on this planet. This montage shows the devastating consequences of the using of nuclars(jamais de s aux adjectifs!!!) arms.

There is the power of death over life .That is illustrated with the document « The Death Penalty in the U.S.A


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