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‘ What Are The Current Views Of Organizational Decision Makers Towards Qualitative Research ? '

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‘What are the current views of organizational decision makers towards Qualitative research?’

When deciding to present reports or articles to companies or individuals, it is important to research how the people who will read the article want it to be written. Therefore, when deciding to do Qualitative research rather than Quantitative research, knowing what the organizational decision makers wants is important before deciding to analyse through Qualitative research.

How to run Qualitative research

Qualitative researches, compared to quantitative research, are less of a generalisation as they are less based on predictions. Human beings react in a certain way depending on the social environment they are subject to. “Qualitative research can provide a more complete framework in which analytic ‘what if’ scenario can be played out” (Developing brands with Qualitative Market Research). The research is done through numerous ways such as observations, group focus, and interviews. The data’s a collected in forms of words, pictures or objects. Qualitative research adds interactivity between individuals, and you can target a population completely related to your research. You can ask questions and get answers that no numbers and quantitative research would give you.

The writing of a Qualitative research paper

The writing of an article through qualitative research analyses can be tuff as there is no prescribed formula (Editorial: ‘The Coming of Age for Qualitative Research: Embracing the Diversity of Qualitative Methods’). Once all the information required has being examined, the construction of the paper is another task. Some authors reviewed every article from Journal of Advertising Research and came up with some way of differentiating Qualitative research papers through four main parts: managerial, instrumental, consumer focused and developmental. A general idea is that it is really hard to find pure qualitative research papers, as numbers and therefore quantitative research are often needed to support the theories.

Qualitative research for international sales

It is important to note that behaviour of individuals vary depending on the country. Therefore, data analysis is often not sufficient when doing international search research. This is why analysing the different cultures and individuals reaction in regards to advertising, marketing strategies, communication styles etc… through qualitative research will help with understanding the differences between the countries.

Qualitative researches are not as structured as quantitative methods but they provide information that will help understanding where the problem might come from and how to solve it, as issues might have to be dealt differently depending on the region.


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