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Idea of progress : What are the different aspects of sport progress?

Analyse sectorielle : Idea of progress : What are the different aspects of sport progress?. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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        I am going to talk about the notion idea of progress. To begin with, I’m going to give you a definition of this notion. The idea of progress basically consists in believing that the world can become better in terms of science, art, technology and in quality of life. But a progress isn’t always good, it can be a negativ progress. To study this notion, I have taken an interrest to  the sport. What are the different aspects of sport progress?

We will study quickly the great scientific and technical inventions, after we will see the sport improvements and to finish, we will study how progress could have change the sport.

        In fact, we are going to talk about progress in science , in medicine and in new technologies.

The 20th century was a century of great scientific and technical progress.

Fro example, as well as an improvement in communication, the widespread use of cars, railways and air transports has led to better access to drugs and medical facilities for most people.

However, improvements in chemistry have led to cleaner water, and better pesticides and preservatives for food.

Moreover, in the medical field, there were created the scanner, the radiography o the contraception.

To finish, there was a progress in the other new technologies like computer,  Internet, TV or mobile phone.

        Now, we will talk about the sport improvements.

In the 20th century, the entire face of sports changed drastically with the advent of new technologies. The advances in technology has broadened the spectrum of athletes. Improvements in safety standards, cost, and accessibility have allowed more people to take advantage of sport events.

The sport renews a sense of purpuse for handicapped people. Because thanks to the new technologies everyboby can be an athlete. In fact, for example someone who lost one leg, can run with a prosthesis. So the prosthesis is a great improvement.

Moreover, the sport equipements are more light, more resistante. For example, in the begining of 20th century, people run with basic shoes black or white. Now the shoes for running are more appropriate according to the ground, the morphology of the runner and they are colorful.

Here, we will see some example of sport improvements.

        Now, we will talk about how progress could have change sport.

With the permanent progress in the field of sport, the rivalry grow. In class room, we have seen the movie “the programm”. It talks about the cyclist Lance Amstrong. He used EPO to progress faster during this competition. It's an real story, he wants to be the winner, and to win, he was doping. The drugs are major problem in this field. Here, we will see the bab aspect of the progress.

But the progress isn't always due to the new technologies. We have studied in class room a text that talks about Telesphore Dusabe who is a marathon runner representing Rwanda. To progress, he imagines the moment when he wins. It helps him to be motivated. In the sport, we can progress with just willpower. We saw an other document with a man who loves run. He explains, the faster he runs, the more free he feels and the more alive he feels too.

        To conclude, there were lots of progress during this century. So the progress can be something very positive like improvements in sport equipements. But the progress can be dangerous if it uses with ill-advisedly like the dopping. To my mind, the pleasure in sport is the most important element. Like Telesphore Dusabe, I think that just imagining the moment when I win, it's a great motivation. The athletic who use  drugs, for me, haven't a sport spirit.


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