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Seats and forms of power: what are the different aspects of form of power

Fiche : Seats and forms of power: what are the different aspects of form of power. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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Intro :

I'm going to talk about the notion of seats and forms of power, the second notion which we studied this year. To introduce it I must explain the meaning of places and forms of power. « Places » could be important buildings or institutions that represent a certain form of power, for example the white house. A place can also be a country or a state. « Power » is the ability to control others, events or resources. To illustrate this concept we can ask ourselves: what are the different aspects of form of power? So I will introduce two documents: a drawing and a video.


In this first part I will talk you to black and white drawing. This drawing talk about cyber-bullying, it is the use of new technologies like e-mail, social networking sites like Facebook or tweeter to bully somebody else. So, on the right we can see the black shadow of man who seems to enjoy himself in front of his computer. He have long pointed nails make us think that he may be a pervert. On the left, we can notice the white shadow of a girl who looks sad and depressed in front of his computer. We can suppose that this girl is victim of cyber-bullying. The psychological impact of this on a young person cannot be underestimated. This aspect of technologies is a bad aspect.

So, In this second part I will talk about a video. This document is an extract from a video entitled LOOK INSIDE in which mick ebelling explains how he improved people’s lives with an amazing technological innovation: a 3D printer. He planned to create this arm for Daniel, a children who lost is arms during the civil war. But he wants also to teach the inhabitants of the village how to use 3D printer and computer to create the prosthetic arm. He was very proud to achieve that project because most of these people had never seen a 3D printer before. This aspect of technologies is a very good aspect because Mick permits some people to regain autonomy.


To conclude, the power is everywhere. The emblematic forms of power are the authorities, the government, the politics because they choose, command or govern the population. The power is sometimes badly used, for example the cyber-bullying. The power can cause inequalities in the world and separate the populations.


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