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Myth & heroes: what are the various type of heroes?

Étude de cas : Myth & heroes: what are the various type of heroes?. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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Myth & Heroes.

Today, I am going to talk about the notion of myth and heroes. First I would like to give a quick definition of that notion. A myth can be defined as a story about gods and heroes. It can be a tradition or a false story. A hero is someone who is admired for his achievements and for his noble qualities. It can be fictional like Superman or real like a fireman. I'll try to answer the question "What are the various type of heroes?"

I. Famous Heroes.

First I would like to talk about Famous heroes like Superheroes. These Superheroes are fictional characters. They are created like God with many qualities like bravery and without faults. These superheroes symbolize hopeful figures and the promise of a better future because they defend people against the evil (like Captain America against Nazi Regime). These superheroes act as models for young people because they have many qualities; it has a good effect on young people's mind.

There are real people who's became famous too like Martin Luther King or Rosa Parks. They fight for a positive change of society like equality and liberty and against segregation. Thanks to these people, some communities became free and stronger. They change society in a positive way.

II. Ordinary heroes.

An ordinary hero is someone who helps people every day or voluntarily. It's for example the case after Hurricane Sandy which hit the USA in 2012 (two thousand and twelve pour prononcer). Doctors and others volunteers helped victims of the hurricane. Barack Obama and USA government's pay a tribute for these ordinary heroes in a speech. It's a part of their culture to put forward these ordinary heroes. They reward them for example on the TV show CNN Heroes. For USA people, it's an honor to be considered like a Hero.

Heroes are very present in American culture, they can be fictional, famous or ordinary, they will be admired for their qualities.


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