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Part 1

The caller is Nicola Smith and her email address is She is calling to give the information needed about a group of 7 young people that would like to stay in a chalet in a holiday village in France. They would like to be able to all stay in the same one. They would like to be near the coast (but not the côte d’azur) but they do not mind as long as they can do water sports.

Nicole wants a list of activities available in the village and in the immediate surroundings and information about night life the in village. She also needs details on the location of the chalet, information about the region it is situated in, description of the chalet and the village and a rough price guide to give to her clients.

Part 2

To find a chalet that would suit the group, I need to look for a chalet big enough for 7 young people. They need 7 beds so it could be a chalet with 3 twin rooms and a master bedroom for example. Also, they said they wanted to be near the coast but no the côte d’azur because they are interested in water sports so I would look around the Atlantic coast or lakes.

The most suitable village in this list is Beausite because it says that is it perfect for lovers of waters sports and it has chalets for four to eight people. It isn’t near the coast as they wanted to but they will still be able to enjoy water sports and other activities.

The first one in Saint-Jean-de-Ré is not suitable because their apartments are only up to 6 people. The second one in Chanac would be too far from the coast. The third one in Cap the Giens is situated on the côte d’azur. The fourth one in Laniac is not one of the best location for water sports. The last one sounded really interesting for its location but it is only up to six people.

This is why the Beausite one is the most suitable for this group even though it is not on the coast.

Part 3

Dear Nicola,

Here is the information you asked me about on the voice message you left me.

I found a holiday village situated next to a small lake in a lovely region. Each of the chalets are self-contained: they have a living room with a fireplace and a kitchen with appliances (plus dishwasher and microwave). They have two rooms, both with a double bed and bunked beds. They have a bathroom and a separated toilet. They also have a TV and a nice patio with garden furniture.

In the village there are two restaurants, a self-service canteen and night pub that opens as a club after 11pm. There is also a gym and a swimming pool.

There are lots of activities in and around the village. In the village you can rent bikes and there are 12 tennis courts. And around the village there are many other activities like horseback riding, archery, windsurfing, sailing and fishing.

The prices vary during the year:

  • From 01/04 to 30/06 it is 78€ per night
  • From 01/07 to 31/08 it is 142€ per night
  • From 01/09 to 15/11 it is 65€ per night

It is to pay on site with a tourist tax of about 1€ per night and per person. And there is also a deposit for the chalet of 200€ per chalet.

If they want linens (for kitchen and bathroom) it is a supplement of 8€ per person. At the end of their stay they can clean the chalet themselves or pay 48€ and it is 17€ an hour for any extra cleaning.

It is a really nice area and lots of young people go there to enjoy the water sports and get together at the pub quite often. I hope this will suit your clients and that I gave you all the information you needed.

Best regards,


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