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Spaces and exchanges: What drives people to leave their contry to go and travelling around the world ?

Dissertation : Spaces and exchanges: What drives people to leave their contry to go and travelling around the world ?. Recherche parmi 299 000+ dissertations

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Spaces and Exchanges

There are a lot of different exchanges between countries and thanks to globalisation, everything spread quicker and quicker. Our world is built on the exploration and conquest of new spaces. An exchange is when we give in return for something received – this can be anything from money, ideas, gifts, medical or financial aid. Our modern-day world is changing quickly and seems to be a smaller place due to improvements in communications and transport. Interactions and exchanges across the borders have become easier and faster. These different cultural, economic, sociol ogical and language interactions have transformed and characterised our modern-day world – sometimes for better, sometimes for worse.

I’d like to talk about human exchanges between countries , on one hand  by the gap year and on the other hands by the John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York.

What drives people to leave their contry to go and travelling around the world ?

First of all, I would like to give a definition of a gap year. A gap year is a break taken by students to engage themselves in humanitarian or environmental projects. It’s generally a year after high school, for having experience in another country before starting graduate school. 

 During a gap year, students from all around the world , decide to take a break for a year and discover new things . Most of the time , they go in underdevelooped countries to help and get involved in environnemental programs or on dramanitarity projects schemes.  Mostly of those people are from well developped countries, travelling in poor countries is very interesting for they way of seing life and think . The most visited countries are Africa, Thailande, Asia, there  You discover and learn new customs, lifestyles; meet new people and participate to new activities as volunteer work , for example, to build schools and houses, to rescue animals as a ranger game, to help in an orphanage, to teach in poor schools or to coach children to play sports. So, they give a lot of services to people because they spend their time for developing countries, helping poor people or orphans or caring of animals. 

Doing a gap help  challenging yourself

You might feel like you’re stuck in a rut in your daily life. Or you’re yearning for something exciting and different. You’re craving new experiences and new challenges. Travel is the ideal place to test yourself. It pushes people to their limits and gets them outside their comfort zone.

You’ll discover how resourceful you are when you’re exposed to new places, people and experiences. Maybe it’s finding your way around a busy city. Or ordering a meal when you don’t speak the language. Or zip-lining.

You’ll feel pride when you finish your trip successfully. Overcoming challenges will bring you joy and energy for future tests. You’ll realize how capable you are and build your confidence. So a gap year is an exchange of services and cultures, so like all the différents expériences , it has its drawbacks by contrast to the advantages we just said.

Nonetheless , a gap year can be assimilated as “ a doss year” paid by the bank of mum and dad where students spend their time “lolling beaches”, so , it gives an impression of laziness. Furthermore, it could be a danger because some students will not continue their studies , once they have tasted freedom during one year. For some , leaving  your family behind, friends and home, may make them feel lonely, abandonned or empty . Besides you may have  difficulties to adapt yourself with the local people on the country. Sometimes the living standard is  higher and more expensive or in  some countries you can catch harmful diseases.  

To conclude, There are advantages and disadvantages in the gap year such as all programs but there is more advantages and having the opportunity to re-think yourself after all that you will live is very exciting .

Beside , in spite of this human trafic around the world, humans travel for holifays, for work, and need an airport which serves several countries all around the world, to illustrate , we’ll take the JFK airport in New York .

Opened as New York International Airport in 1948,it was commonly known as Idlewild Airport before being renamed in 1963 in memory of John F. Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States, following his assassination.

It’s a major international airport located near South Ozone Park in the borough of Queens in New York City, United States, 12 miles (20 km) southeast of Lower Manhattan. It is the busiest international air passenger gateway into the United States,[4] the fifth busiest airport in the United States and the busiest airport in the New York City airport system, handling 56,827,154 passengers in 2015.[5] Over ninety airlines operate out of the airport, with non-stop or direct flights to destinations in all six inhabited continents. The airport features six passenger terminals and four runways. It serves as a hub for American Airlines and Delta Air Lines and is the primary operating base for JetBlue Airways. In the past, JFK served as a hub for Eastern, National, Pan Am, and TWA. In 2016 the airport served 58.8 million passengers.


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