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Space and exchanges :what do the new américans aspire to ?

Fiche : Space and exchanges :what do the new américans aspire to ?. Recherche parmi 259 000+ dissertations

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Space and exchanges


Today i al going To deal with the notion espacios e intercambios. To Bégin i il give you my ideas about this concept . Space is an empty aera which is avaiable To be used . Moreother, an exchange is the act of giving and receving somethings else in return .

I would like To illustrate this notion with the thème of immigration especially in thé usa because it implies the motion of légal and illégal people To others country but what do the new amerians aspire To?

History causes of immigration

These immigrants can have a lot of reasons, to leave their life and to go far away in another country. For example, they can want to leave their life because they want to escape from a totalitarian regime or from a war, a crisis... They can want to escape from poverty, to find a better job or a better situation, for them or their family... America offered the opportunity to make a new life in a land that valued liberty. Immigrants hoped to have a better life with a plot of land which was for them a means to survive and become prosperous. Escaping America was not an option; it was a matter of life and death for some immigrants. We studied some characters of this type. We listened to an audio document in which there were three characters, who came to have a better life, a better situation. One of them, called Martin Matoda, came from Bulgaria because he wanted to have a better chance to find a job, he wanted to access the educational sytem. He wanted to find a better job with his degree. Another, called Nick Injows, came from Kenya, because he also wanted to find a better job, because he thought that there were more opportunities in American than in his country. Nevertheless, it’s very hard, for the characters, to leave their life, their country, because, by doing this, they abandon their family, their house, their memories... It’s not simple, for them, and, sometimes, the children or the teenagers left their house whereas they were young. This choice can be selfish. The families and the friends suffer a lot with the departure of their loved one, but, sometimes, the taste for adventure and risk, or fate are stronger than remorse.


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